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Wearable Tech Platform | Manage Fatigue Proactively

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October 31 2023

BlyncSync hosts multiple wearables onto one app, and provides enhanced performance insight. BlyncSync LITE shows you your body's energy level by learning data patterns from smart glasses you wear throughout the day. Your energy level is plotted on a timeline, and allows for proactive decision making as far as the best times to work/drive, and when you can expect to feel fatigued in order to reduce the risk of accidents ahead of time; boosting productivity, saving lives, and saving on insurance.


Completely mobile; not tied down to vehicle so applicable to a wide range of industries
Predictive data is provided in advance, and saved on a calendar, to help with shift planning
Seamlessly integrates into normal work day and/or temporary training sessions
Manager portal available to help with fleet management
JINS MEME smart glasses is the only compatible wearable at this time
Does not custom tune yet; the energy gauge only shows assumed conclusions at this time


BlyncSync LITE App App records smart glasses data, and displays your assumed energy level; plotted on a calendar
JINS MEME Smart Glasses Normal looking glasses with a curved frame. The metal nosepieces detect blinking and head nods
Fleet Manager Portal Allows managers to see the energy levels of multiple workers to help with optimizing shift scheduling
Smart Watch Compatibility Investment will help expand the selection of compatible wearables, so that users can leverage tech already have
Software Integration Looking to partner with existing vehicle systems so that the BlyncSync tech is included in the suite of truck or car tech.

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BlyncSync Technologies is a safety software that shows exactly what time a driver can expect to feel fatigued in order to reduce accident rates in the trucking industry. The data is provided ahead of time, and is automatically customized to each driver. The driver wears a sleep tracking smart watch, and blink tracking smart glasses during work hours. BlyncSync is compatible with fleet management software systems. Managers can see the real-time and projected fatigue levels of multiple drivers. This allows for optimal shift scheduling, increased safety, boosted work efficiency, and realized cost savings.

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