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Inspiring Energetic Change - Wireline & eCoil deployable Wellbore Stimulation & Scale Removal

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September 18 2023

High-pulsed power (HPP) refers to a brief discharge of concentrated electrical energy that generates huge electrical power, much like in thunderstorms. The science behind high-pulsed power is to use a small amount of power in a small amount of time to create a large burst of energy – and to successfully repeat this using minimal equipment, manpower, and energy. BLUESPARK® works by converting low-power electrical energy into high-power hydraulic pressure pulses.

These pulses can be repeated thousands of times during each descent into the wellbore, providing effective and efficient wellbore stimulation treatment to pay zones, and increasing productivity or injection rates. Not only does BLUESPARK® technology effectively and efficiently provide wellbore stimulation but it is also an effective solution for scale removal, whether this be from tubing, safety valves, or gas lift valves.

BLUESPARK® is “inspiring, energetic change” in a safe, cost-effective, innovative and sustainable way! 


Environmentally Friendly
Key Safety Features
Economical Solution
Well Bore Stimulation without the use of Chemical and/or Explosives
Scale Removal without acidization
Requires a fluid column at point of treatment - FHUT Designed to overcome this challenge


Area of application Oil & Gas | P&A | Geothermal
Asset Life Extension Improves connectivity to the reservoir, increasing production and/or improving injection | Removes scale from Tubulars, Safety Valves or Gas Lift Valves
Deployment The tool can be deployed using the following methods; e-line and eCoil
Combinability The tool can be deployed on any mono-conductor cable
Safety Eliminates the use of Hazardous chemicals such as Acids and Explosives

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Blue Spark Energy drives change and innovation across the globe. Challenging the status quo, they push boundaries and shatter conventions. With simplicity, action, and focus to guide, they empower partners, deliver transformative results, and spark positive change.


At the core is BLUESPARK® technology—a groundbreaking solution that converts small amounts of electrical energy into high-power impulses at precise depths, revolutionizing wellbore remediations. This eliminates the need for extensive preparation, logistics, and harmful substances or explosive methods.

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