Autonomous Hot Surface Indicator

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To keep your staff safe

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December 11 2023

The SensEver HSI is a self-powered and thus maintenance free safety device for the process industry protecting employees from contact burns.

On first sight contact burns result in injured workers needing medical attention, but those incidences can also result in: 

- downtime and decreased productivity

- creating a tense atmosphere, reducing employee morale and focus

- damaged equipment requiring costly repairs or replacements.

- stringent safety protocols and training becoming necessary, further impacting the workflow

- unwanted reputation of the workplace causing difficulties retaining skilled workers

Mounted to a pipe or surface it emits a visual alert when the surface exceeds 60ºC. Due to its small size, ATEX certification and reliable power supply based on thermal energy harvesting it can be mounted in places hard to reach or where space constrains, or related costs do not allow the insulation of the exposed surfaces/pipes.

SensEver HSI does not require battery change over its lifetime, because it is powered by converting the local temperature difference between the surface it is mounted to and the environmental air into electrical power to supply its electronics.  

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Visible alert radiating omnidirectional
For ATEX Zone2 – ATEX Certified
Plug & Play – 35x35x60 mm user-friendly Form Factor
One base unit + configurable adapters - Fits all industrial pipes & surfaces
No battery – no maintenance
+15-years lifetime
Green Energy – Powered by Thermal Energy Harvesting to address industries’ green agenda
IP65 - cleanable


Operational range -20ºC to +145ºC
Dimension 35mm x 35mm x 60mm
Alert trigger temperature 60ºC
Supply Self-Powered
Lifetime +15years

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TEGnology addresses the restrictions that high cable installation costs or battery maintenance cost posts to the implementing new technologies to the industry. We solve these challenges by converting locally the temperature difference between the process and the environment into sustainable electricity. State-of-the-art ultra low power management then provides a regulated electrical power supply for sensor systems. These autonomous and self-powered solutions reduce the installation or maintenance costs to a level that allow a much broader application of new technologies to the industry towards optimise processes and also a more sustainable industry. 

Predictive maintenance, process control or just employer safety can thereby be designed or retrofitted into places not feasible for cabled or battery driven solutions. 

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