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April 16 2024

MTT Separation Technology provides cutting-edge advanced separation technology. We have an extensive history of success in designing and supplying separation technology across a number of industries. Depending on the application we may need to conduct computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), or utilize our proprietary process simulation tools. For separator internals, MTT leverages industry best practices and computational modeling to design high-performance solutions that require mist eliminators, inlet distributors, vane packs, and axial flow cyclones. These advanced internals optimize separation efficiency in applications like oil and gas, chemicals, and mining. For produced water treatment, MTT integrates a patented coalescence chamber that upgrades existing vessels by improving oil-water separation, water degassing, and flow capacity. This technology reduces chemical costs and environmental impact. MTT also offers high-performance column internals including high performance trays, packings, and other components tailored through simulation tools and advanced manufacturing. These column internals boost efficiency, throughput, and separation performance. Beyond components, MTT provides complete process engineering services from conceptual design through implementation. Their experienced team leverages computational tools for simulation, optimization, and troubleshooting to deliver efficient, reliable solutions across industries. With a breadth of advanced technologies and expertise, MTT is a leader in developing innovative separation solutions.

Pros & Limitations
Enhance productivity
Improve competitiveness
Minimise environmental impact
Incorporate state-of-the-art equipment
Deliver bespoke solutions
Our Expertise
Expertise Title Expertise Description
Separator internals
Mist eliminators, vane packs, axial flow cyclones, inlet distributors
Produced water
Patented coalescence process chamber, stand-alone skids, upgrade existing vessels
Column internals
Trays, packings
Process Design & Optimisation
Process simulation, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis


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Welcome to MTT, a process engineering consultancy and cutting-edge equipment supplier leading the way in advanced separation technologies. Our company stands out with a committed team of expert engineers who specialise in optimising and designing tailor-made separation solutions. These solutions not only enhance separation performance for our clients but also prioritise environmental responsibility by minimising impact.

At MTT, our comprehensive range of services spans from conceptual design, troubleshooting and upgrades to equipment supply, and implementation, covering every stage of the project lifecycle whilst following our stringent quality system. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your projects through the incorporation of advanced separation equipment, on time delivery, competitive pricing and industry-leading expertise.

In a world where efficiency and innovation are paramount, MTT is your trusted partner for unparalleled expertise and innovative separation technology. We focus on delivering bespoke solutions, as we go above and beyond to meet the unique needs of each client, setting new standards in the field of separation process design and equipment supply.

Choose MTT if you are looking for collaborative seamless project execution, using advanced separation technology with a commitment to environmental consciousness.

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