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The most accurate scribing system on the market

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 14:30

AccuScribe is the most accurate scribing system on the market. It is the only one of its kind. Using a learning algorithm on board the AccuScribe user device, the system quickly and precisely finds the orientation of the MWD and determines an offset measurement accurate to ±1º.


Standardized & simple process
ZERO Data entry errors, ZERO Sidetracks
Single person operation
Remove expert required, enabling remote operations
Archived data for quality assurance
Learning curve
Some human operation equired


Accuracy Increases a conventional drilling bottom hole assembly offset or alignment for more accurate slide drilling.
ATEX certified Rig Floor safe equipment.
Automation Software quickly and accurately computes alignment or offset.
Business Efficiency This technology has the potential to save us extra trips and directional issues associated with scribe errors on directional assemblies. A single scribe error can result in tens of thousands of dollars of down time.
Data Analysis Tool Enhance drilling bottom hole repeatability in similar drilling lithologies for better well planning and execution.
Dimension Digital angular calculator over long pipe lengths (Up or greater than 90 ft. or 30m).
Measurement Enables digital measurements for our digital future.
Protection Gives clear reporting process to validate field readings to office management.
Repeatability A scientific method with a standardized process.
Validation Easy to read report output for all involved parties to examine the alignment.

Relative Business Impact

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About Accu-Scribe LLC

Accu-Scribe LLC is a drilling technology company with over 25 years of combined oil industry experience dedicated to reducing drilling costs, increasing drilling workflow efficiency, and improve operational safety. Accu-Scribe gives your company peace of mind by preventing costly mistakes in the field.

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