AC Dock 3000 - A green generator with PV connector

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A mobile, modular, noiseless, and emission-free generator.

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September 13 2023

Our AC Dock 3000 is a sustainable alternative compared to a conventional diesel generator.

The green generator offers you maximum CO2 avoidance through 2nd life electric vehicle battery upcycling technology. Over its lifetime, 10t CO2 emissions can be avoided in comparison to a 3 kVA generator.

This solution consists of the AC Dock 3000, as well as two betterPacks 2000, made from upcycled electric car batteries. The batteries can be charged via the grid or PV panels. Additional optimizing through green power and online data evaluation is also possible.

No matter what application you would like to use green power for, the AC Dock 3000 is adjustable to your individual needs thanks to its modularity, mobility, quietness and zero emissions. Ideal for indoor, as well as outdoor applications.



Robust & waterproof (for outdoor operations)
Silent and emission-free (for indoor operations)
Modular: Adjustable battery capacity; adjustable to individual needs
Mobile and portable
Powerful, efficient, and sustainable
Huge CO2 and cost savings
Integrated PV connector for extra savings


Capacity 4600 kW
Nom. Output Voltage 230 V
Ingress Protection IP54
Size in mm 1135 (H) x 657 (L) x 695 (W)

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We are betteries.

Our team’s Mission is to upcycle all electric vehicle batteries into sustainable mobile power systems to avert climate change and protect valuable resources.  

We are a Berlin-based impact start-up and we are giving electric vehicle (EV) batteries a 2nd productive life. By doing so, we are:

  • Making e-mobility truly sustainable
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Avoiding electronic waste

We are offering a modular battery design with a standardized battery storage module & interface to assure maximum flexibility & scalability and to unlock the full battery value. Our products are mobile, modular, silent and emission-free. 

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