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4FOLD Foldable Containers

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Reduce empty transport in the most significant way

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March 14 2023

Okay, here’s the thing: 40% of container transport on land is empty. At sea it’s 20%. Hundreds of Megatons of CO₂ emissions and 25Bn Euro in cost are wasted. This form of global inefficiency has to stop. Right now. We at 4FOLD reduce empty transport in the most significant way. With a foldable container that saves up to 37% in costs and CO₂.

Imagine the possibilities of attacking the hundreds of Megatons of CO₂ gas that is wasted by container transport every year. Let us help you to ship more efficiently and sustainably.


Our foldable shipping containers create more room on vessels, docks, trains and trucks
If a container needs to be transported empty, we fold it in a fast, safe and easy way to a quarter of its volume
It only takes us up to 10 minutes to fold the container
We’ll advise you on which shipping routes you can save cost and reduce emissions significantly
We’ll appoint the folding and unfolding locations - we retain a range of over 60 folding locations around the world
We’ll make sure that our containers are in great shape and all folding and unfolding goes properly
4FOLD has a slightly higher weight than a standard 40ft HC container and a little less volume (please see specifications)


Business Efficiency Less volume means more efficient use of containers on vessels, trucks, trains, docks and in depots. | Our revolutionary space-saving design results in fewer shipments with less port and road congestion around the globe.
Cost Less movements over sea and on land lowers cost considerably. | Terminal handling and depot traffic are reduced.
Environment There is a global need of reducing emissions in the transport sector. | 4FOLD is your answer to create a more sustainable supply chain right now and meet your company’s responsibility goals.
Volume Saving Four folded containers take up as much space as one regular container when stacked - this means you only need one truck or rail wagon to return four empty containers. | On vessels, on depots and in terminals we save 75% of space.
Capacity 72.9 cu m (2575 cu ft)
Size External: L x W x H: 12.2 m x 2.4 m x 2.9 m (40' x 8' x 96') | Internal: L x W x H: 12.0 m x 2.3 m x 2.6 m (39' 4 3/4" x 7' 7 1/2" x 8' 9")
Weight Gross: 32500 kg | Tare: 5900 kg | Payload: 26600 kg | Bundle: 23600 kg
Stacking Max stacking weight: 216000 kg.

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About Holland Container Innovations (HCI)

Holland Container Innovations (HCI) is the proud developer of the 4FOLD foldable container. Our business started in 2008 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

After 5 years of dedicated development, we managed to build the world’s first fully ISO and CSC certified foldable container that helps shippers and shipping lines implement real supply chain innovation.

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