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TechnologyCatalogue.com, and other platforms as part of theTechnologyCatalogue.com infrastructure, are supported by many leading organisations! 

National Energy Resource Australia (NERA)

National Energy Resource Australia (NERA) has been established to maximise the value to the Australian economy by having an energy resource industry that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse. Through a national focus, NERA's goal is to grow collaboration and innovation to assist the energy resource industry manage cost structure and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and promote it for purpose regulation.

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Carjon-NRG is a Technology Deployment Service Company, Delivering Energy Innovation around the world.

Headquartered in Aberdeen to support Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy projects on an international basis, our experienced team and subject matter expert consultants provide a range of support services delivering energy innovation that brings significant value to our Clients, the Environment, and our Communities.

Since 2015, we have supported multiple Business Development, Export, Internationalisation, Inward Investment and Technology Deployment projects.

In June 2020, Carjon-NRG became the UK Partner for Technology Catalogue’s “UK Energy Technology Platform” to further deliver energy innovation in the UK & International Oil, Gas & Energy markets.

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With members in more than 40 countries, IPLOCA is proud to represent some 250 of the key players in the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industry worldwide. 

Onshore and offshore the pipeline industry has an enviable record of achievement in the face of some significant challenges - geopolitical issues, inhospitable terrain and the lack of qualified manpower. Work in hand includes both huge new pipeline projects and the continued maintenance of older pipelines. 

The challenges for the industry moving forward are substantial, but consumer demand, improved technologies and new contractor-owner relationships built on frequent dialogue and collaboration through this industry association herald a new era of progress in the delivery of oil, water and gas.

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Safety Delta Netherlands

Safety Delta Netherlands is a collaboration between the Dutch petrochemical industry, science institutions and government. 

Parties have the ambition to improve the safety performance of the Dutch (petro)chemical industry and be collectively number one in safety performance by 2030 and as such internationally recognised as leader in the development and implementation of safety concepts related to managing hazardous substances.

This ambition will be met, amongst others, by easier access to information on safety tools, processes and culture, by connecting specialists and practitioners and by knowledge sharing about innovative safety concepts.

Knowledge sharing about the availability and application of technologies is done through this Technology.com platform. All other information about the Safety Delta Nederland can be found on the general SDN website. Here you can share your knowledge about safety concepts through frequently asked questions, documents, studies, workshops or publications. You can also ask for more information or get in touch with experts via this website.

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India Technology Platform

Avatyr Business Consulting has partnered with TechnologyCatalogue.com to deliver an India Technology Platform of the Technology Catalogue — an online platform that connects technology suppliers and end-users to solve industrial & energy challenges through rapid deployment of technologies. Recognising the challenges that both Indian Industrial, Manufacturing and Energy companies have when searching for and comparing available solutions, and the challenges faced by India-based technology startups when deploying their technology, this platform is all about connecting technology providers and technology end-users with the solutions they need.

For End-Users:
End-users can quickly explore, review, and compare multiple options to find the right solutions to for their specific challenges.

For Technology Suppliers:
The platform allows suppliers to showcase and their technology solutions, helping them to connect with end-users and bring their technology to market.

The India Technology Platform is planned for the 2nd Quarter this year. We invite you to start registering for the India Technology Platform.

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One Basin Three Nations

One Basin Three Nations (OBTN) set itself apart as a Regional Energy Technology and Training & Development Center by forming  strategic alliances with internationally recognised partners. This will allow us to contribute to strengthen collaboration and development in the Guianas and Caribbean Region.

OBTN has joined forces with TechnologyCatalogue the fastest-growing global energy technology platform to deliver an Caribbean Online Platform that connects tech start-ups, scale-ups  and end users to solve industrial & energy challenges through rapid deployment of technologies. The platform allows tech start-ups and scale-ups to showcase their technology solutions, helping them to connect with end-users and bring their technology to market. 

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The consultancy services that B-CEPS provides are a seamless fit with TechnologyCatalogue.com, targeting Value Chain excellence and the role of the Procurement function. B-CEPS supports aligning all internal and external parties and making the Procurement function a critical internal partner in support of technology deployment and removing commercial and collaboration blockers. 

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Eunike Ventures

Eunike Ventures are the Oil & Gas industry’s only Hybrid Accelerator with its own Investment fund. We seek high value-add technologies, managed by driven entrepreneurs, who will leverage Eunike’s infrastructure to achieve success.

Eunike’s Hybrid Accelerator is backed by several large energy companies including Equinor, Hess, and TechnipFMC. Not only does this give Eunike and its portfolio companies access to expertise within these companies, but also guarantees that at least one of these companies becomes a pilot site for our companies.

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Our Partners for the Netherlands Energy Technology Platform

Buccaneer Delft

Buccaneer Delft is an accelerator in the maritime, offshore and energy sector. We create visibility for young tech companies (start- and scale-ups), offer them growth support and access to an exclusive network.

We make room for success in the field of technology & innovations, sustainability and entrepreneurship to help solve social issues. We value sustainable relationships and making impact through surprising connections. With all this we want to boost the (energy) transition.

At our special, historic location in Delft, we offer inspiration for innovation and self-development. Be welcome!

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Netherlands Wind Energy Association

The Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA) is the Dutch sector association working to increase sustainable wind energy on land and at sea. NWEA unites the wind sector in the Netherlands and accelerates the transition towards a renewable energy supply by spurring businesses and governments to invest in wind energy.

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Dutch Energy from Water Association

Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) promotes the generation and application of energy from water solutions and is committed to its members by representing common interests. We represent members developing wave, tidal, hydro, OTEC and Salinity Gradient power solutions.

EWA facilitates commercialisation and knowledge transfer for energy from water solutions. This is possible, because the members of EWA know the market & technology and understand the societal context. In addition, EWA is a knowledge provider through organising courses and workshops and a knowledge broker by organising networking meetings, conferences and disseminating (market) research. As a growing open community, EWA wants to build experiential knowledge. EWA gives the sector in the Netherlands a face. EWA promotes the opportunities for energy from water to new stakeholders, export markets, public bodies and citizens. EWA influences legislation and regulations, funding and policy.

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IRO, the Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry, promotes the interests of its member companies and organizations established in the Netherlands. Its activities include providing support in the field of representation to public authorities and potential customers, promoting export, developing new technologies and providing information facilities.

Our members are active in challenging area of energy transition: from oil & gas to offshore wind to marine energy.

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The Netherlands Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association NWBA aims to make Dutch society more sustainable through the development and application of hydrogen technology and fuel cells. We develop, share, secure and celebrate knowledge in these fields. The NWBA combines the strengths of governments, industry and research institutions in order to accelerate the development and application of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The NWBA represents the Netherlands in European initiatives and conveys the Dutch vision on hydrogen and fuel cell technology both nationally and internationally.

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TKI Nieuw Gas

Gas fulfils a key role in the transition towards a sustainable energy supply, in the future sustainable molecules biomethane and hydrogen will become increasingly important. TKI New Gas helps knowledge institutions and companies to develop, demonstrate and apply sustainable and innovative technologies in these areas. TKI New Gas works together with over 350 collaboration partners. Additionally TKI New Gas maintains an intensive collaboration with Groen Gas Nederland, the Nationaal LNG Platform, the CATO-consortium (CCUS) and the Nationaal Waterstof Platform. TKI Gas also collaborates closely with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and various ministries such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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BOM (Brabant Development Agency)

BOM (Brabant Development Agency) works with businesses to create a robust, sustainable, and future-proof economy for the province of Brabant. We share knowledge, create networks and provide investment capital to innovative Brabant companies and sustainable energy projects. We also encourage innovative foreign companies to settle in Brabant and assist Brabant companies to extend their reach abroad. We aim to further economic growth, increase employment, solve social issues, and create a leading role for Brabant on the world stage.

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FME is the employers' organisation for the technology industry in the Netherlands. Our 2,200 members are techno-starters, trading companies, medium and small industry (mki) and large industry / multinationals active in the metal, electronics, electrical engineering and plastics sector. Technological innovations offer many opportunities for a sustainable energy supply and structural economic growth. In the field of energy, sustainability and circularity, FME wants to be a leader in facilitating the energy transition in the industry, energy-infrastructure and mobility in order to achieve the climate goals of 2030 and 2050. We do this by connecting the supply with the demand side, accelerating the use of innovative technology and stimulating an integrated approach. The most important cross-cutting themes for us are digitisation, new energy carriers (H2, NH3, LOHC, etc.) and circularity. FME works together with members, partners and stakeholders to actively pursue a climate-neutral by 2030.

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Oost NL (East Netherlands Development Agency)

Oost NL (East Netherlands Development Agency) focuses its activities and projects on sustainably strengthening and growing the regional economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel.

We do this by helping innovative entrepreneurs and innovative ecosystems develop around knowledge and business clusters. We provide financing to start-ups and scale-ups and help SMEs with innovation programs and with (international) growth. We encourage smaller and larger companies to participate and contribute to social challenges. We are happy to help companies from outside the (Eastern) Netherlands that want to establish themselves here and that fit in with the regional economy. Conversely, we support companies from the Eastern Netherlands in their orientation to foreign markets.

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LIOF is the regional development agency for Limburg and supports innovative entrepreneurs with advice, network and financing. We help startups, scale-ups and SMEs with innovative ideas, business plans and financing requests, and we help (foreign) entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in Limburg. We also support entrepreneurs with cross-border cooperation and international trade. Our focus is on the transitions of energy, circularity, health and digitisation. Everything we do should contribute to our goal to make Limburg smarter, more sustainable and healthier.

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InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for Zuid-Holland. We are aligning the efforts of government organisations, research institutes and companies, to co-create a smarter, cleaner and healthier future. Our teams are highly connected within the strong business clusters in our region: Aerospace, Circular economy, Cybersecurity, Digital Technology, Energy, High Tech, Horticulture & Food, Life Sciences & Health and Maritime & Port. Within these sectors, we support companies with internationalisation, we facilitate innovation, we invest in promising innovative companies and assist international companies with establishing in our region.

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Rotterdam Partners

Rotterdam Partners strives to further the success of Rotterdam while building on the sustainable growth of the city. We focus on Rotterdam’s image and promote the Rotterdam region nationally and internationally. We open Rotterdam’s doors to future visitors, companies, and residents and show them around our city. We enthuse and inspire them. We also convince them to visit, do business, locate their companies and hold their congresses in Rotterdam. And we encourage them to come here to live. We are responsible for city marketing and acquisition, and we are committed to a hospitable city and an attractive entrepreneurial climate. In this way we strengthen the economy of Rotterdam in the broadest sense of the word while always taking our city’s liveability and identity into account.

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The Hague Business Agency

The Hague Business Agency is a publicly funded organisation, helping companies to strategically expand their business operations to Europe. The Hague, the Netherlands in particular. Do you consider moving/expanding your business to the Netherlands? We have an extensive network of service providers including experts in Legal and Tax, Housing, Real Estate and Notaries. We are a one-stop-shop in The Hague. Our services are free of charge and confidential.

The Hague has always been a strategic option for energy and engineering companies, being in close proximity to the Dutch government, knowledge and research institutes, trade associations and of course the industry. The port of Rotterdam and international airport Schiphol are both within 45 minutes reach, making it a central location on a geographical point of view as well. For these reasons many companies decide to manage their EMEA and/or global activities from their The Hague office.

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Dutch Marine Energy Centre

DMEC is an accelerator for marine energy solutions. We believe that the enormous amount of energy stored in our oceans, seas and rivers will be a crucial driver to realise our global energy transition and foster sustainable growth. By advancing innovation, mobilising capital and shaping policies, we create multipurpose energy solutions for a wide variety of markets.

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Business development experts for the energy sector.

We work on behalf of our members and our network of partners to put companies of all sizes in touch with the best and most innovative supply chain businesses in the UK.

We have global, consultancy and strategic partners, which includes operators, developers, tier one contractors, industry analysts and trade bodies who help to support our members business development activities. Our services include:

  • Business development 

  • Industry introductions

  • Events

Through our service delivery we help to identify opportunities and make valuable connections between businesses in the global energy sector.

We are the best route to business in the energy sector.

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Chameleon events LTD

At Chameleon we help industry and business address the challenges that hinder their growth and help them adapt to the rapidly changing world around us. We bring together government, key stakeholders, companies, NGOs, leading academia, brands and innovators to build strategies for progression into and continued success across a range of evolving markets.

Chameleon provides progressive engagement strategies through content-rich, value driven programmes through a portfolio of conferences, exhibitions and networking services, Chameleon provides solutions for both mature and emerging markets. Tracking key industry challenges, changes and trends, Chameleon provides progressive engagement strategies through content-rich, value driven programmes.

Specialists in Energy Transition, Decarbonisation and  Technology and Transport, Chameleon Events centres upon affecting positive change, transforming industries and businesses across the globe.

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