How to Join as a Tech Expert

How to Join as a Tech Expert

Would you like to see your firm as Tech Expert on the platform? 

Register on and help companies discover your services.

Step 1: Select your preferred options

Creating your Tech Expert page is easy!

Optionally select our premium service:

  • Thought Leadership Package


Step 2: Complete the registration

After you selected the preferred option, you will fill in some more information about your firm and your technical expertise.

We require all Tech Experts to write at least one review for one of the technology pages they have experience with.

Is your firm a service provider? Then you do not need to write a review, but it is required that at least one of the technologies you support is already listed on

In case none of the technologies you support are listed on, we encourage you to ask the technology supplier of one of those technologies to register for at least one Technology Page on This technology will then be featured on your Tech Expert page.


Step 3: We'll draft your page!

Our support team will draft your Tech Expert page based on information from your website and/or registration form.

We'll jointly assess what key information is missing to complete the page.

The page will be published only after your approval.

Step 4: Invite others to write reviews & experience the benefits!

Invite clients to share their experiences with your company to create trust factor and assurance that they are in the right place

Be contacted by potential clients via the on-page form

See who's looking at your page via your analytics dashboard

Present a masterclass and  share your knowledge and expertise through a case study or blog