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MISTRAS offers a wide range of advanced NDT technologies. With in-house level 3 experts, dedicated PhD level research and applications engineers, we continue to develop technology-led solutions based upon our clients' needs. We are able to advise clients on technical outcomes such as the probability of detection, accuracy, productivity as well as commercial factors to ensure the best value result.

Our expertise
Advances and traditional Non Destructive Testing ( NDT) inspection services:
MISTRAS’ advanced NDT services use the latest inspection technologies to identify anomalies, analyze their characteristics, and aid plant personnel in making run-repair-replace decisions on potentially-damaged assets.
Comprehensive Storage tank inspection:
To help tank owners comply with increasingly stringent regulations, risk-based inspection (RBI) systems and advanced non-destructive testing (ANDT) methods can be used to assess the condition and mechanical integrity of a complete tank farm.
Structural Health Monitoring:
Through collaborative partnerships and years of development, MISTRAS has developed proprietary advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) technology packages aimed at solving specific problems in key industries.
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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

Leon de Ridder

Business Development Manager

Expertise in Non Destructive Testing NDT Inspection Services at Mistras Group BV

Tech Expert

Norbert Trimborn

Strategic Business Development Manager

Expertise in Advanced Non Destructive Testing at Mistras