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Our way of working allows us to apply the knowledge acquired in all areas to put it at the service of our customers. We work to evolve photovoltaic energy and accelerate the digitalization of the sector.

We accompany our customers in all phases of the development of a photovoltaic plant project. From the economic feasibility study, through the development, the search for financing, the engineering necessary for the construction and finally the operation of the photovoltaic plant once built and commissioned. Our areas of expertise range from management and consulting (storage, sustainability, asset management, and engineering services), technical solutions (SCADAs, CMMS, BI, Open-PPC-X1) and R&D developments.

Our expertise
Management & Consultancy Services:
Project design and implementation, warehousing, sustainability and QC, asset management and engineering services.
Software Solutions:
Our software solutions are multifunctional, based on open standards, fully adaptable to customer needs and competitive in cost and performance (SCADA, Power Plant Controller, CMMS, etc.).
Hardware Solutions:
We also have the capacity to develop and manufacture customized hardware solutions such as; repair and manufacturing of boards and testing.
R&D developments:
We offer innovative solutions and research in various subjects related to different areas: Energy storage, state-of-the-art energy regulation and control systems, analytics, AI applied to energy efficiency, mobile monitoring and control platforms.
Countries where we can support you
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In Isemaren Energy Solutions we are participants in the efficient and profitable growth of the sustainable energy sector.We believe in the professional development and technological evolution of the energy installations sector for building a relationship of trust with our customers. We are a responsible, efficient, innovative and competitive company that offers services of great value and quality, based on a detailed technical and economic knowledge.

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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

Enrique Calvo López


Expertise in Profitable Growth of a Sustainable Energy Sector at Isemaren