Recurring choking issues in Liquid Sulphur Pipeline

Company: KIPIC
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At KIPIC we are currently struggling with operational disruptions due to persistent choking inside the liquid Sulphur pipeline immediately after shutdown or during standby operation. This may be mainly attributed to the inability of circulation facilities and certain deficiencies in Contra Heat tracing design. At present we are conducting  temperature surveys in the sulphur line to spot any possible cold point. 


We would be interested to get in touch with companies that can support us with any of the below solutions: 


  • Technologies to prevent choking in pipelines (ex: Pipeline Heating Systems).
  • Technical study & Recommendations to address recurring choking issues in a Liquid Sulphur Pipeline.
  • Input from peers or industry experts to see what other refineries are implementing to prevent choking.


Please contact us if you can provide any of the above. Further details can be shared under an NDA. 


Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 06/11/2024