FREE 2-hour MASTERCLASS: How to Build a Balanced Tech Portfolio to Reduce CO2 Footprint

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What are your top considerations when choosing a technology? How have recent calls for Net Zero carbon footprint affected your priorities in selecting technologies for your business? Are you making recent adjustments on your technology portfolio to make your business  more eco-friendly?

Recently, we published a blog about the role that technology plays in realizing your CO2 reduction targets. (In case you missed it: please see the link here). This recent blog underscores the need to take advantage of available technologies to reduce your business activities’ carbon footprint. 

This seemed to have resonated well to our community as  we received many questions following the blog’s publication: mainly about how to then select the right technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and how to sustainably embed the technology into their business.

Clearly, cutting on CO2 emissions is becoming a top, if not a major, priority for everyone. Shareholders and society are becoming more and more outspoken about their expectations towards energy companies to reduce their CO2 footprint, pushing the latter to take action. Recent developments illustrate this, such as the ruling by a court in The Netherlands ordering Shell to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions. Or the pressure that ExxonMobil gets from shareholders to take more active measures amid growing climate change concerns.

To support companies with this, we offer a FREE two-hour technology selection and deployment masterclass. The masterclass will be organised per company and will be open to employees who are registered users of 

After the masterclass, participants are expected to gain understanding and knowledge of the following:

  • Right tools and processes to find and select the right technologies that reduce companies’ CO2 footprint
  • How to estimate the expected financial returns, payback time and risk profile (technical and non-technical) 
  • Ways to balance business KPIs and Net Zero goals in building your technology portfolio
  • How and why technology gets deployed, including the technical and business drivers that ensure success as well as how to position the technology accordingly.

Participants will receive a copy of the material used during the masterclass.

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Discover and deploy technological innovations to accelerate energy transition. That’s the objective of With over 800 technologies and 90,000 unique users of the platform, supports the energy transition by providing a platform that bridges the gap between technology suppliers, end-users and experts, and facilitates technological innovations towards a more sustainable future.

Aside from the global platform, also provides customized services for companies and industry organizations, tailored according to their specific needs to get the technology deployed!

We understand what it takes to get technology deployed, including all change management aspects related to new ways of working. Over the years, we have facilitated more than 1,000 technology deployments for global and regional companies resulting in >$1 billion of value added. 

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