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We support renewable energy as well as conventional energy producers to generate energy sustainably, safely and cost-effectively.

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We help businesses - big and small - with using energy efficiently as well as improving performance on other metrics.

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Upcoming Webinar

Making the most of existing assets by applying the right technologies
Including: practical guidance on how to build a technology plan!
Date: May 25th 2023 at 10am CET
Duration: 60 minutes

The energy industry has truly pushed technological boundaries over time. Yet, it is also clear that there is significant room to further accelerate technology deployment to address current challenges such as climate change, digitalisation,cost pressures. 

As a result, many people have been tasked with building a Technology Plan for their organisation. 

In this webinar we give you some practical guidance to get started with creating such a plan. We thereby focus on creating a technology plan for making the most of existing assets. See also the blog we recently published on this topic!  

This is followed by some specific examples of technologies delivered by suppliers that are on the platform. 



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