Why the Technology Catalogue?

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The Challenge

There are various industries that have a reputation of being ‘risk-averse’, and the Energy industry is clearly one of them. Although it is often believed that ‘risk-averseness’ is the main reason for the lack of innovation in the industry, it is our experience that it is often due to other reasons, such as:

Suppliers have difficulties to get access to the right people in the end-user company and/or struggle to make a convincing case.

End-users are keen, but don’t know about available technologies , don’t know where to start or don't have the time/expertise to assess the available technologies and to sustainably embed technologies into the business.  As a result, they stick to conventional practices.

Our Solution

Suppliers now have a global conduit to market technologies and grow their sales.

End-users now have new and proven technologies at their fingertips to improve their business output, allowing them to stay competitive.

We offer the know-how for getting the technologies deployed through Deployment Matters & consultancy partners.

Modules & Submodules

Technologies are grouped in modules around specific business challenges & opportunities. Each module contains multiple submodules to ease navigation.


See which suppliers offer the same or similar technology.

Technology Page

A page per technology summarising the technology, the pros, cons and key specifications. 

Option to ask detailed questions directly to the technology supplier representative. 

Like what you see? You can directly share the page via LinkedIn with your network & colleagues.  

Deployment Track Record

See who has already deployed a technology.

Validated Reviews

Nothing gives more confidence to start using technology than reviews by industry experts and end-users. This is particularly true in risk-averse industries.

All reviews are validated before being published and technology suppliers can respond to reviews.

Connect with the reviewer for further questions or knowledge exchange. 

Deployment Expertise

As end-user we can support you with selecting technologies and all the practical steps to make technology deployment happen and deliver value to your company.

As supplier we can help you to position your technology for success. 

Dependent on the technology: we can either support you directly, or connect you to one of our technical experts or consultancy partners.

The Technology Stress Test

A structured dialogue of approximately 30 criteria to diagnose and address technology deployment pain points.

Combine a Technology Catalogue subscription with our Technology Stress Test to get the best access to the expertise of Deployment Matters to position your technology for success.

The Technology Stress Test is part of the Premium Subscription

Consultancy Partners & Technical Experts

Does your company provide specific expertise to support technology deployment? Contact us to learn how you can become a deployment partner for one of the modules and allow users to contact you directly. 

Want to learn who can already support you? View our list of experts!

customised solutions
Customised Solutions

It's possible to get a customised solution that users within your company, association or country see when they access the Technology Catalogue.

Some of the options:

1. A customised homepage

2. Collaboration space

3. Deployment Matrix for detailed tracking of uptake of technology