webinar | Benchmarking data, Tech in the spotlight, and latest features

TC webinar has grown steeply in 2022. The platform now contains close to 600 live technologies, and technologies are being added continuously based on the challenges shared by our paying customers.

In 2023, we will run a series of webinars whereby we share specific insights with our platform community. The first one will take place on 31st January, at 10am CET.

The agenda for this 45-min webinar:

  1. Learn from the competition - we'll demonstrate how our benchmarking data insights can help you to easily see what technologies other companies are deploying and use this to build your technology plan.
  2. Examples of technologies that have been added to the platform recently. The highlighted tech are all quick wins to improve performance! 
  3. New platform features
  4. Q&A


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See you on the 31st of January at 10 AM CET!



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