Version: January 2020

These terms are an addendum to the TECHNOLOGY CATALOGUE TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIER TERMS. By subscribing for one or more of the Technology Catalogue Premium paid services, you accept the applicable additional terms and conditions below:


Article 1          Data Analytics

1.1      A dashboard will be made available as part of the user account of the Subscriber Supplier in case this paid service has been selected.

1.2      The dashboard will show the total number of page views during a fixed period. This period will be determined by Deployment Matters.

1.3      The dashboard may provide an overview of the companies for which the Users that viewed the Subscriber Supplier’s page during the period as mentioned in 1.2, in case Deployment Matters has this data and is legally allowed to share this data with Subscriber Supplier.                         


Article 2          Webinars

2.1.      A webinar will be scheduled by Deployment Matters in consultation with the Subscriber Supplier in case this paid service has been selected.

2.2.      Availability of a date and time for the webinar are subject to the overall schedule determined by Deployment Matters.

2.3.      Webinars follow the format set by Deployment Matters. Subscriber Supplier acknowledges that other Suppliers may present in the same webinar.

2.4.      Deployment Matters may change the format from time to time or for specific webinars.

2.5.      Subscriber Supplier may subscribe for multiple sessions to e.g. reach a global audience in different time zones.

2.6.      Quoted prices are per session.

2.7.      Deployment Matters will offer Subscriber Supplier a refund for a webinar session in case the total number of webinar registrations for the session is less than 15. Deployment Matters staff joining a webinar are not counted as registrations.

2.8.      Subscriber Supplier acknowledges that webinars are recorded and hereby gives Deployment Matters permission to publish the recording on, LinkedIn, Youtube and/or other channels.

2.9.      Deployment Matters will share the list of registered participants with the Subscriber Supplier if Deployment Matters is allowed to share this data with Subscriber Supplier.   


Article 3          Technology Stress Test

3.1.      A maximum of 3 consultancy hours are reserved for carrying out the Technology Stress Test for the Technology of the Subscriber Supplier in case this option has been selected. No discount is given in case the Subscriber Supplier uses less than the reserved consultancy hours.

3.2.      The Technology Stress Test can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. Face-to-Face meetings take place at the Deployment Matters office in Delft. In case a different location is chosen, this then has to be mutually agreed.

3.3.      The Technology Stress Test is a structured dialogue. This means that the Subscriber Supplier needs to ensure that the key persons (responsible for the delivery of the specific technology) are available.

3.4.      The Subscriber Supplier should only share information that is in the public domain. The Subscriber Supplier therefore should not share any company secrets about the technology and/or processes concerned. Only the result of the Technology Stress Test will be subject to confidentiality.

3.5.      The outcome of the Technology Stress Test will only be shared by Deployment Matters with third parties with the explicit written consent of the Subscriber Supplier.

3.6.      The Technology Stress Test deliverable will be the outcome of Technology Stress Test using an Excel template. The template captures the key recommended actions. Also, it summarises the outcome of the Stress Test using a spider diagram and Impact versus Do-ability matrix;

3.7.      Deployment Matters’ total liability due to an attributable failure in the performance and or the outcome of the Technology Stress Test or on any legal basis whatsoever, expressly including each and every failure to fulfil any representation or warranty obligation agreed with the Subscriber Supplier, shall be limited to compensation for direct damages (as defined in clause 6:66 of the Dutch Civil Code) up to an amount equalling 100% of all amounts invoiced to and paid by the Subscriber Supplier in the twelve months preceding the event causing such damages. Deployment Matters’ total liability for direct loss, on any legal basis whatsoever, shall however never amount to more than EUR 10.000 (ten thousand euros). In all cases, a series of related events shall be considered a single incident for the purposes of these limits.

3.8.      Subscriber Supplier acknowledges and agrees that Deployments Matters cannot guarantee that Subscriber Suppliers’ technology will succeed. Subscriber Supplier shall be solely responsible for making all decisions and taking actions related to its business. Subscriber Supplier hereby acknowledges that it is not possible to guarantee that the technology subject to the Stress Test will be successful within a specified time frame or at all. In particular, the Subscriber Supplier further acknowledges that it is not possible for Deployment Matters to guarantee that the outcome of the Stress Test will generate any business. So long as Deployment Matters complies with the obligations of this Agreement, the Subscriber Supplier hereby acknowledges and agrees that Deployment Matters shall not be liable for the failure of the Stress Test to generate any useful business.


Article 4          Intermediary Service

4.1.    Deployment Matters will support Subscriber Supplier to connect to a specific User of the Technology Catalogue in case this option has been selected.

4.2     Deployment Matters will only reach out to a User at the specific request of the Subscriber Supplier and if:

          a) Deployment Matters is convinced of the value of the Subscriber Supplier’s technology for the User, or

          b) the Deployment Matters analytics data demonstrate that the User has recently visited the Subscriber Supplier’s page on the

4.3     To comply with the GDPR Deployment Matters will always reach out to the User first to request their consent to establish a connection.

4.4     Quoted prices are per successful introduction, meaning an e-mail sent by Deployment Matters to the User, cc to the Subscriber Supplier. Whereby Deployment Matters highlights the key advantages of the technology to the User, and reference is made to the relevant page on


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