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Technologies in the Spotlight | June 2021

Technologies in the Spotlight | June 2021

Here we go again! I guess you have realised it by now… we aren’t running out of amazing technologies to show you! And for this month’s selection, there is no particular theme! Well, “cool technology” is a theme on its own, right?

So, here you go! Five cool technologies handpicked for the month of June!

Technologies in the Spotlight | May 2021

Technologies in the Spotlight | May 2021

This month’s selection of technologies puts a premium on data, allowing end-users to get access to crucial information for better asset maintenance, optimization and management. 

Check them out!


technologies in the spotlight march 2021

Technologies in the spotlight | March 2021

From inspection-related technologies to asset management softwares, these five technologies were all tested in operational environments and ready for deployment anytime.

Check and see if one of them could address critical challenges in your organisation.

technologies in the spotlight feb

Technologies in the spotlight | February 2021

For the month of February, we handpicked five technologies on our platform that might address key challenges in your business. Take a quick look at the list and check their tech pages for more information.