Tech for the Energy Transition 2021 Winners


Tech for the Energy Transition 2021 winners


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“The Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021 recognises the role of technology in ensuring a more sustainable future. And given that this year’s winning technologies were developed by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it also highlights the potential of SMEs to make a huge difference,” Co-Founder and Managing Partner Erik Nijveld said.

Let's take a look at each of the winners:

CCUS: Accelerated Carbonation Technology by Carbon8 Systems



Winner of the Carbon Capture, Use & Storage (CCUS) category, this technology enables the safe and permanent storage of captured CO2 in products for the construction industry, while diverting residues from landfill.

These are the three types of residue that can be treated using Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT): Reactive residues, Non-reactive hazardous residues and Non-reactive problematic bulk residues.

Carbon8 Systems discovered that through engineering, they could speed up the carbonation reaction (which naturally happens very slowly), and develop carbon capture and utilisation method with many key features, such as being more economically viable. After 25 years of R&D, Accelerated Carbonation Technology was ready for commercialisation! 

ACT improves both the physical and chemical properties of the residues so that these engineered products can be used in a variety of applications.

Key features: 

  • ACT has seamless integration, ​​it is retrofittable into an existing plant
  • This technology can run in manual or on automatic settings
  • It is the size of 2 stacked regular shipping containers and modular

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RENEWABLE ENERGY: Electrochemical Hydrogen Processing Technology by HyET Hydrogen 

hyet hydrogen


This technology was the winner of the Renewable Energy category. The Electrochemical Hydrogen Processing Technology supplies complete hydrogen compression and purification units.

HyET Hydrogen provides a completely modular design, which allows building units tailored to your business needs. 

Electrochemical Hydrogen Processing Technology’s key features are:

  • No moving parts 
  • Lower maintenance
  • High reliability and availability
  • Compact
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent with no vibrations

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DIGITALISATION: INES - Intelligent Network Solution by DCbrain



The chosen winner for last year’s Digitalisation category was Intelligent Network Solution by DCbrain. This technology is a SaaS tool to optimise utilities, gas transport and distribution networks with AI (artificial intelligence). 

This technology has already been successfully deployed by 4+ companies!

Key features:

  • This technology requires low maintenance due to having no moving parts. 
  • Modular design, fitting to your company’s needs. 
  • Dynamic and acts as a Smart Layer on top of your current IT tools. No need to replace your current tools.
  • Cloud agnostic: AWS, Azure, OVH, Google or on premise, depending on client needs
  • Can be up and running in as little as two months.

This technology allows you to have better control of the network and consumption, therefore improves performance by increasing network efficiency. 

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SAFETY: Ultrasonic Camera for Gas Leak Detection by Distran




This technology, a hand-held ultrasonic camera that finds gas leaks from the specific sound they emit, was the winner for the Safety category for last year’s awards! This highly innovative technology by Distran, a Swiss company, improves safety while reducing costs. 

Ultra Pro pinpoints and quantifies leaks in a fast, safe and reliable manner. Using its integrated microphones, this technology pinpoints leaks of all gases (including methane, air, hydrogen) and steam or even vacuum. Digital reports can be saved from pictures and videos of detected leaks captured by the Ultrasonic Camera for Gas Leak Detection. 

Key features: 

  • Detects leaks of any gas type, including CO2, hydrogen and nitrogen.
  • Inspections are up to 10x faster than classical gas detection methods
  • Reduces exposure time to gas and finds leaks up to 50 meters
  • Finds leaks and reduces variability between operators
  • Works even in windy or very noisy environment, from -10°C to +50°C
  • Detects all types of compressed gases, steam, vacuum and partial discharges
  • User Friendly: easy to deploy and use


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MAINTENANCE: ReliaSol Intelligent Maintenance System by ReliaSol



Last on the list is ReliaSol’s Intelligent Maintenance System (RSIMS), winning the category of Maintenance. This technology is an AI-based software platform that enables monitoring, diagnostics, prediction, prescription and optimization for industrial processes. 

This technology has an accuracy level of 96%, reduces costs by at least 30%, is highly adaptable to your company’s needs, and increases production profitability by more than 25%. 

Key features:

  • All types of equipment (static and rotating) can be monitored and integration is possible from multiple data sources
  • Completely data-driven
  • No hardware is required for installation
  • Ensures critical production processes are not interrupted
  • The RSIMS User dashboard provides real time monitoring with asset health score, failure prediction and alarms
  • Fully automated, making use of 600+ models in the library
  • Unique combination of Machine learning and Domain knowledge

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