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Reservoir Barrier Technology

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February 22 2024

The fundamental objective of well abandonment is to isolate zones of flow potential, preventing fluids escaping to surface. Current practice requires a rig to place multiple pressure-retaining barriers in the wellbore, which at an average cost of £5M, leads to this stage being the single biggest decommissioning cost.

Xclude is a rigless, safe and cost-effective solution that creates a barrier in the formation by blocking the pore throats of the rock, removing the potential for flow. Xclude takes scale formation – a problem the North Sea has faced for over forty years – and uses it to form a permanent mineral barrier in the rock. Xclude’s specially formulated, environmentally friendly fluids are easily mixed and deployed using standard pumping equipment.

The solution can be pumped to various depths and is time-controlled to ensure that the scale forms where it is needed. By using this new approach, operators will significantly reduce the well management risk and overall P&A cost.

Pros & Limitations
Rigless – can be bullheaded from surface
Cost saving especially for difficult to access and Subsea wells
Significantly reduces well management risk
Easily mixed and deployed using standard pumping equipment
Uses safe and environmentally acceptable chemicals
Uses familiar and well understood mineral to create reservoir barrier
Does not require good annular cement to create barrier
Not suitable for zones with large fractures
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Decommissioning of onshore and offshore, oil or gas producing and water injection wells, platform or subsea.
Reduces formation permeability by creating scale in pore throats. Creates barrier deep in formation.
Certifications / licences
CEFAS registered with good environmental profile.
CEFAS registered, REACH compliant.
Significant cost reduction potential especially for subsea and “difficult to get on” wells.
Easily deployed using simple standard pumping spreads.
Alternative approach to well decommissioning, reducing costs and risks.
Barrier created from well understood material, known to industry.
Patent pending.

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