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Inductive Charing for Various Applications in Logistics

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August 4 2023

The right choice in wireless charging systems. With Gapcharge charging systems, you no longer need to worry about the charging process, because the future is wireless. Charging without cables opens up new possibilities for operating fleets. Discover charging 2.0 in micro-mobility and logistics with Gapcharge charging systems.

The Gapcharge charging systems supply your vehicles with energy wirelessly. In addition to the energy transfer, data can also be transferred and the battery data monitored:



Use idle times as charging times
Intermediate charging to extend the range
Less maintenance
Interoperability of the charging systems
Operatinal readiness
Requires Initial investment


Charging Power 120 - 400W
Efficency (DC-DC) > 94%
Voltage 24-60V
Current up to 15A
Areas of Application Logistics | Micro-Mobility

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With a dedicated engineering and software team, a broad supplier network and diverse international contacts, Gapcharge has the necessary skills to support you in your wireless charging venture. gapcharge has already won several awards, including the renowned Digital Logistic Award and the Start-Up Pitch of the 27th Trade Logistics Congress. Since 2021, there has been a strategic partnership with the company Voortmann, which guarantees the high quality in the production of the wireless charging systems.

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