Well Control Safety Valve for CCUS applications

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A Unique Ball Valve specifically designed for the requirements of CO2 & Hydrogen Injection

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April 11 2024

Integra are proud to announce the CCUS Safety Valve (CCUSSV), a Safety Valve for CO2 and Hydrogen injection applications. The development of the valve embraced findings from critical studies surrounding the issue of carbon storage. Integra is pleased to offer a subsurface safety valve that can be used to isolate the wellbore after injection of CO2 into Carbon Capture and storage wells

This patent pending design is the result of a novel approach to understanding the issues that occur when injecting gases in a liquid state. The ID is flush throughout the valve with no translating internal flow wetted components to reduce turbulent flow and maximise the injection rate while minimising erosion within the valve. The ball mechanism is housed inside its own predefined, oil-filled chamber and a Lubricant Injection System acts across the ball during operation. These critical design features are unique to the Integra CCUSSV.

Pros & Limitations
Patented Ball Valve design that prevents debris ingress into the ball mechanism for more reliable ball opening/closing.
Bi-Directional ball and seals providing sealing integrity in both directions
Ball Valve designed specifically for CCUS with optimised ID and no moving sleeves in flow path.
One smooth internal bore to prevent turbulent flow and related temperature and corrosion effects.
Low temperature sealing capabilities for low temperature CO2 requirments.
Tubing run and Thru' Tubing variants available.
Remotely controlled from surface or autonomous by design.
Potential for future Wireless and AI controlled version.
Available for all standard tubing sizes, in variety of applications (Injection, Isolation, Production variants available)
Ball provides a reliable, repeatable sealing mechanism, however, Min ID available is constrained by ball geometry.
Specification Title Specification Description
Patent Pending Remotely Operated Ball Valve
Unique patented Ball mechanism provides reliable, repeatable ball opening/closing
Bi-Directional Ball Sealing for Low Temperature applications
The Ball sealing mechanism is ideal for sealing in both directions, even at low temperatures.
Protected Ball mechanism
Ball Mechanism is protected from Well Fluids thus preventing debris ingress and ensures reliability of ball rotation.
Specifically designed for CO2 and Hydrogen Injection
Smooth internal bore throughout valve prevents turbulent flow and related temperature and corrosion effects
Wireless, Electric or Hydraulic operated
Valve can be autonomous (injection/Production) or controlled from surface in a variety of ways.
Wireless Telemetry and AI potential
Wireless Telemetry with potential for AI control is currently being investigated.


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