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An electric aquatic autonomous drone solution for plastic waste, biomass removal and data collection

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December 15 2022

RanMarine is the designer and manufacturer of the WasteShark, an autonomous surface vessel/aquatic drone with zero greenhouse emissions – our WasteSharks act as intelligent CleanTech tools and can be in urban, rural, industrial and leisure environments. They are easy to operate, low cost and transportable.
Our autonomous WasteShark uses GPS routes to navigate to the desired areas and to return home. The LiDAR can optionally be added to the device to increase both safety (collision avoidance) and enhanced data captured from the environment.

RanMarine offers leasing, retail but also sponsorship options for the WasteShark


Can easily be deployed and retrieved by one operator
Little to no training is requiered to operate
Up to 80 percent cheaper than other methods
No fossil fuels requiered, carbon neutral
Multipurpose tool, can be used to reclaim waste, floating debris and biosmass at the same time
Harvested data is immediately available for reporting and analysis on our RanMarine Connect portal.
The WasteShark can not be used in waters with high currents (current maximum is 3km/hr)


Monitoring Online live-data portal access.
Accuracy 98% accuracy in meeting waypoint, within perimeter of a meter.
Frequency 4G connection.
Automation Autonomous waypoint mission path.
Reporting GPS data tagging for accurate measurement.

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About RanMarine Technology

RanMarine Technology aims to empower people and organizations across the planet to restore the marine environment to its natural state. We specialize in the design and development of industrial autonomous surface vessels (ASV’s) for ports, harbours and other marine and water environments.

RanMarine’s current products include the WasteShark™, MegaShark™, designed and used to clear plastics, bio-waste and other debris from waterways. The data enablement of our products allows customers to closely monitor, in real time, the environment and makeup of their water. This creates an accurate picture of the water’s DNA to pinpoint any unquantified concerns. RanMarine products are designed to be used manually via an onshore operator, or autonomously with online control and access.

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