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Turn your food waste into clean energy and natural fertiliser on site

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October 31 2023

A Waste Transformer is an anaerobic digester, modular designed and build in 20-foot shipping containers producing biogas by a digitally enabled process. The number of containers is scaled and able to process between 350 - 3000 kg of food waste per day.


Reduce 5.11kg of CO2* per one kg food waste (compared to sending it to landfill)
Food waste is turned into green energy (biogas or electricity and heat)
Direct financial savings of food waste collection fees, and energy usage costs
Deployed on site
Needs minimal the space of two parking lots to place the Waste Transformer


Areas of Applications Waste to Electricity & Heat | Waste to Fertiliser | Waste to Biogas
Processing Capacity A Waste Transformer is modular and scalable, capable of processing between 350kg to 3000kg of food waste per day, on your own site.
Design On-site containerized anaerobic digester to process food waste directly on-site into value
Installation It is a Plug-and-play system, easy to place, easy to operate and with low maintenance.

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A Waste Transformer is an on-site anaerobic digester and is scalable to the amount of food waste you produce and very easy to operate:

  1. It reduces your waste handling fees.
  2. It reduces your energy bills
  3. It creates a strong story about your own responsibility regarding your food waste streams.

Running your own Waste Transformer on-site?

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