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Waste Energy Recycling (WER) unit

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Solution to turn different types of waste in to energy

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:42

The Waste Energy Recycling (WER) unit is a mobile waste management pyrolysis technology, that uses a chemical process, to decompose input streams by heating them at a high temperature without the presence of oxygen. Additionally, metal components get separated and are then available for reuse. The output of this pyrolysis reaction is gas, oil or an electricity stream, depending on homogeneity of the waste input.

WER is a turn-key solution, that is quick to install and easy to operate. Thanks to its mobile nature, WER allows to avoid transport, electricity and gas boiler costs. Overall, we tackle waste where recycling is not feasible and we offer a green solution where waste disposal is an issue.


WER is a turnkey solution to convert waste in to energy (e.g. electricity, oil, gas) that can be used further at the location
Recycling is carried out by means of pyrolysis
WER unit recycles different types of waste (plastic, certain metals, paper) without its prior separation
Can be used in the locations where waste removal, its transportation or storage is not viable and where energy cost is high (incl. islands, military camps, remote areas, companies)
Can be operated by low educated staff due to automation and remote controlling
Fits in 2,5 containers for quick deployment, which contain parts and operator housing
Energy efficient – uses 10 kWh for recycling of 1 ton of waste and in return creates 100 kWh of electricity/ oil gas ash ration depending on material input
Emission level is much lower than allowed the Dutch standards
Streams containing radioactive, poisonous or explosive ingredients can not be processed by WER unit
Big parts of metal, glass or inert materials thicker than 1 mm , bricks larger than 1 cm can not be processed by WER unit


Applicability Due to its mobility and relatively small size WER can be used in the locations where waste recycling, transportation, storing is not viable and energy cost is high (islands, military camps etc.).
Automation Contact with waste is almost excluded, waste delivery system to the device is designed in a way that waste goes automatically from waste container to the shredder and further to the unit.
Business efficiency High efficiency of electricity/GJ gas/oil generation out of waste.
Capacity Small WER 1750 tons/year | Medium WER 1750-3500 tons/year | Large WER 3500-8750 tons/year | Minimal 100 - 250 kg/hour waste to energy capacity, maximum 1,25 ton/hour | Internal waste storage buffer for >14 hour operation.
Certifications / licences ISO 9001, ISO14.001
Environment Emission levels below the Dutch & EU allowed levels for waste incineration. Researches prove that using pyrolysis by WER unit has higher environmental benefits regarding damage to human health, ecosystems and to resource availability.
Input Input waste material is both organic and non-organic (biomass, metals, plastic, minerals).
Operating conditions 150 to 1250 kg/hr of waste to energy input | Exterior temperature between -10°C and +45°C | Technical water connection (possibly waste water).
Output Pyrolytic gas (methane, ethane, etc.) as the major components | Pyrolytic oil which composition depends on the composition of the input materials and the process parameters | Pyrolytic char which can be combusted to provide energy for different purposes.
Return of Investment 2 – 6 years, depends on location

Relative Business Impact

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About Waste4Me

Waste4ME is pioneering the recycling industry by giving previously incinerated waste a second life. Our company turns a global environmental problem into a sustainable solution. Plastic waste, one of the largest types of waste streams, is transformed into low-carbon products and valuable petrochemical products. Our solution allows the implementation of sustainable waste disposal techniques and functions as a bridge from intermittent energy supply in remote locations. This way, we empower companies and communities to become more environmentally friendly.

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