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Flying inspection Robot

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August 4 2023

Voliro AG offers an innovative flying robot design with unique capabilities never before seen on the market. Our flying inspection robot is an omnidirectional platform with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment. This shifts the abilities of service drones from “fly and see” to “fly, see and touch”.

Using the Voliro T we can perform inspection or maintenance tasks which usually require additional infrastructure, in particular, Dry Film Thickness and Thickness Measurement of metal structures (tanks, pipes, silos etc). Using the Voliro T improves safety and removes workers from dangerous elevated sites. Costs are reduced by eliminating the need for rope access and scaffolds, and it becomes possible to perform and reliably repeat NDT inspections on even the hardest to reach elevated structures


Safer, cost effective and faster solution for NDT inspection and corrosion monitoring for critical infrastructure
Unique 360º design, Voliro-T is capable of exerting precise forces on surfaces at any given orientation
Assistive navigation and semi-autonomous solution leading to an easy to operate system
Subscription model enables Voliro to provide our customers with a comprehensive service
Safe and easy to fly
Streamlined inspection workflow, allowing the pilot and inspector to work together seamlessly
Training needed to operate the technology
The size of the system, which makes it unsuitable for very cluttered environments


Inspection The Voliro T can perform visual, thermal and contact-based Non-Destructive Testing inspection of elevated structures.
Measurement The Voliro T can be equipped with an EMAT or UT sensor, or used for Dry Film Thickness measurement. Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer sensor can perform thickness measurement on rusty and hot surfaces.
Accuracy With EMAT there is a high amount of reliability and repeatability in thickness measurements. A working gap of 3mm between the probe and surface can be tolerated.
Usability Advanced perception systems to stabilize itself in GPS-denied areas close to structures. A real-time video stream from an onboard FPV camera helps to create an intuitive flying experience and provides the pilot with the necessary awareness.
Reporting NDT inspection data is visualised live and stored for PDF report generation following the inspection mission.

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Voliro's mission is to revolutionize work at height. We have developed a flying robot that can perform stable contact-based work and close-to-structure operations. We protect and maintain critical infrastructure by delivering high quality, cost-effective and time-efficient robotic inspection and maintenance solutions.

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