VISICS Digital Confined Space Monitoring

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Increase safety and efficiency during turnarounds and shutdowns

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September 20 2023

Increase safety and efficiency during turnarounds and shutdowns with our mobile VISICS solution for digital confined space monitoring. With VISICS you are able to see what’s happening inside the confined space, communicate with the engineer performing the maintenance activities and register exactly who has entered and left the manhole at what time. Not only just outside the confined space but also anywhere onsite and even offsite, where up to 12 manholes can be monitored at the same time by only a single person.


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Ability to actually see what is happening inside confined spaces
Less attendants required to guard manholes results in cost saving
Monitor up to 12 manholes with only one attendant
Fewer people present on plant during turnarounds and shutdowns
Direct two-way communication
Improved safety level at lower costs compared to traditional confined space monitoring
Automated people count
Equipment is less mobile than attendants


Connectivity Integrated WiFi and 4G connectivity (5G ready).
Data analysis All data can be collected to be analysed afterwards using our advanced dashboard solutions.
Interface We cooperate with some prominent technical partners. This results in third party integrations that make VISICS even more efficient and scalable.
Installation VISICS is a pre-configured mobile solution which can easily be installed inside and outside almost any confined space.
Monitoring Comes with a badge system that registers anyone entering or leaving the confined space, cameras inside and outside the confined space sending real-time images to the operator room and a high-quality intercom system empowering direct two-way communication.
Power Power supply including a one-hour battery back-up. Remote shut-off possible.
Reporting Several reporting functionalities are available.
Safety Using VISICS the safety level during turnarounds and shutdowns will be highly improved.
Technical support From our own state-of-the-art 24/7 support centre located in The Netherlands, C3 (Configuration and Control Centre) we can safely, securely and remotely access and support any VISICS system anywhere and anytime.

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Access Technology Group (ATG) is an innovative Dutch company located in the centre of The Netherlands. As we sensed an increasing demand for mobile solutions, especially in heavy industries with a need for increased safety levels at lower costs, we developed VISICS – the innovative and mobile solution for safe and efficient maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.

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