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October 31 2023

Virtualplant is an asset visualisation platform that provides the capability to remotely view and interact with your facilities via an intuitive, immersive experience.

Born in the cloud, virtualplant is a high-resolution, photogrammic visual twin of your assets that can link to existing enterprise management systems as well as corporate and operational technology platforms.

Providing visual ways of working in one common platform, being accessible anytime, anywhere on any device, it simplifies collaboration across geographically dispersed and multi-function teams, including secure external access for contractors and partners.


Simplify work-planning & maintenance scheduling
Automate Asset Tagging & Auditing
Automate corrosion detection & assessment
Integrate with existing systems of record
1-2% saving per asset in annual maintenance budget
Measurement accuracy +/-10mm


4K 3D Photorealism Super-high resolution 3D models highlight true site conditions
Visual Digital Twin Visual digital twin enables employees to ‘walk the asset’ and plan work as if they were on-site
AI Detection Automate detection and prioritisation of corrosion, defects and hazards. Reduce asset audit times by ~75%
Real Data Integrates with existing enterprise and operational technology, reducing technology roll out and upgrades by circa 2-3 %
Faster Quick to create and deploy. Built in the cloud for speed, access, security and stability.

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RemSense supports multiple industry sectors on projects of all scales as well as helping clients reap the benefits that industry 4.0 can offer by constantly challenging the status quo in search of a better way.

Being Australian based, RemSense is accustomed to the challenges our clients face when operating in remote and isolated areas; that’s why RemSense leverages cross-sector knowledge to solve overcome challenges, developing fit-for-purpose offerings to ensure clients get the maximum value and efficiency from their operation.

RemSense is a solutions company that through accurate insight driven data and innovative digital engineering solutions, is leading the industrial digital transformation with virtualplant an operational photogrammic Digital Twin.

With our technologies, engineering skills and image and data capture services, we are boosting productivity, creating safer workplaces, and increasing remote operational efficiency through integrated enterprise management systems.

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