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Transparent displays with glare control for energy saving

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:49

VideowindoW turns any glass wall into a transparent media screen that also contributes to climate control.

VideowindoW is a modular product, so for every situation, a ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution can be designed. VideowindoW is pre-assembled which enables for quick installation on the final location (either newly built or as a retrofit solution to existing glass panels).

Each module is equipped with a light sensor, and it uses advanced algorithms to incorporate real-time data from exterior luminescence and temperature. This is key to VideowindoW’s ability to show moving content while realizing glare control. The viewers will experience interior luminescence as stable, comforting and entertaining.


Saves energy with glare control
Increases visitors’ experience and comfort
Monetises screen content
Completely new hybrid segment


Cloud platform Cloud computation is at the core of our software. Also our CMS runs in the cloud.
Customer focus We always keep a keen eye on how we can add value for our customers and use customer feedback for our technology roadmap.
Machine learning Our software works with image recognition to further automate coherent distribution of content over several windows.
Maintenance VideowindoW is a non-mechanical glare control system which eliminates wear down and costly maintenance.
Modular design Our display modules are modular in design to fit any window. Whether newly built or retrofitted in front of it.
OPEX VideowindoW is now offererd as a service which turns capex into opex. Moreover, by the added income on showing commercial content we can realise a net profit.
Power VideowindoW has a negative power consumption (saves energy on climate control) and uses less than 4 Watts psm.
Return on investment Our sustainable tintable glass is not depended on subsidies or grants to show a ROI. By using the media platform for commercial content an immediate ROI can be achieved. More so we offer VideowindoW as a service in a lease contract.
Software Our software for turning content into dynamic glare control is patented.
Temperature VideowindoW can be embedded into insulation glass to further increase the CO2 reduction capability.

Relative Business Impact

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About VideowindoW

Reminiscent of the centuries old tradition of stained glass, VideowindoW wants to revive the narrative power of a façade. It does so by controlling incoming sunlight in numerous tiny segments. Inspiration for this was drawn from the Institut du Monde Arabe, where thousands of diaphragms are jointly managed to control glare. Unlike these diaphragms, we wanted to develop a solution that is low in maintenance, wear-free and doesn't use a lot of energy to operate. This is how we started experimenting with the use of liquid crystals to alter a façades transparency.

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