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A silent method for installing offshore wind turbine foundations

Page last modified
January 13 2023

With the advance of 10+ MW wind turbines and increasingly strict noise standards, the existing pile-driving method with hydraulic hammers for monopiles is under high pressure. 

Extra measures are needed such as bubble screens or a wall around the monopile. They are expensive and time consuming to install. The pile is also damaged by the hydraulic hammer, which means that larger piles are needed than actually necessary. 

GBM Works has developed the Vibrojet®, a machine to install monopiles in a silent and fast way. The Vibrojet® is not only less harmful to marine life and cheaper, the process is also kept strictly under control and requires less power generation.


More silent than impact and vibro hammer
More efficient than impact and vibro hammer
Steel reduction
Easy to scale up
Different from current installation methods


Areas of Application Offshore | Nearshore
Vibrating Vibrating the pile at the tip, avoiding loss of energy through the length of the pile
Installation Vibrojet installation technology of GBM Works proves to install 2x deeper and 4x faster
Efficiency Significant reduction in sound emission and fatigue can be expected using the Jet-gun of the Vibrojet
Water injection Controlled water injection on the inside of a pile, fluidizing the soil resulting in zero resistance

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About GBM Works

GBM Works has expertise in controlled fluidization of soils and other techniques that play a role in foundations near- and offshore. For silent installations of structures near- and offshore, GBM Works offers innovative technologies which enable contractors and developers a sustainable approach of their projects. A silent and cost-effective method and machines for installing windturbine foundations offshore is our goal.

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