Vibrocoring and in-situ thermal conductivity measurement

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For surveys in wind energy (high voltage cables routing)

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April 11 2024

A sophisticated, electrically driven, vibrating coring system that can extract optimum samples at speed in depths of up to 1000 m or more.

The original Med-C Vibrocorer – VC(VKG) 3/6/9 – has been successfully operating in harsh climates and challenging deep sea conditions for many years. Satisfied clients include Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency Germany, MMT Sweden, Fugro and Geo Marine Survey Systems (Geo-Corer) Netherlands, Next Geosolutions Italy and Jan De Nul Belgium.

Our Vibrocorer is available for full purchase including all additional equipment and consumables required. If your operation only requires the Vibrocorer for a set period of time, we can provide the equipment on a rental or lease basis regardless of your project length.

Can come with a measuring device developed specifically for in situ thermal measurements in marine sediments, typical for shallow seas, coastal and continental shelf regions.

Pros & Limitations
Just 5-minute penetration and extraction time ( with unlimited runtime )
Unique decoupling design resulting in minimum vibrational deadweight
Can be operated on smaller vessels with winch/lift capacity of just 20 kN
A standard core barrel length of 3 or 6 m with split barrels of 9 m
All equipment and consumables are manufactured to the greatest quality to ensure less downtime and less operational cost.
Works at depths of up to 1,000m
Specification Title Specification Description
Max. core length
MEDC KUMO- VC(VKG)-3 3000 mm KUMO- VC(VKG)-6 6000 mm KUMO- VC(VKG)-9 9000 mm
Core barrel diameter (inside)
102 / 96 mm (liner)
Core barrel diameter (outside)
108 mm
Max. working depth
250 m / 1000 m
4.50 m 7.50 m 10.50 m
Basement diameter
2.70 m 4.60 m 6.50 m
Gross weight (excl. uploads) 0.75 to 0.85 to 0.95 to
0.75 to 0.85 to 0.95 to
Gross weight (full uploads)
1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2 to
Power supply (threephase AC)
380 – 440 V, 4 kVA, 50-60 Hz
Vibrating force
30 kN / 7.5 kN (deep water)
Vibrating frequency
28 Hz / 14 Hz (deep water)
Corrosion protection
hot zinced / stainless steel
Transport dismantled


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  • KUMO provides an Aberdeen-based portfolio of ocean bottom seismometers, landers, vibrocorers, launch & recovery systems, water column sampling equipment, sensors, subsea power & data storage devices and more. 
  • KUMO keeps customers one step ahead of the competition by delivering advanced, bespoke solutions that precisely meet project requirements.
  • KUMOs scientists and engineers combined possess over 20 years of in-field experience with pioneering research and future-scanning to envisage and overcome challenges encountered at depth.

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