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Vessel & Access System Performance Transparency

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Custom-build measurement solution

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - 11:28

Our technology consists of custom-build software to trigger event-based measurements. Data is transmitted automatically to cloud-services, from where it is picked up by our own-developed analytics suite. This consists of automatic data quality checks, data improvement and data analysis algorithms, which transform the raw measurement data to useful statistics. We have developed innovative ways of automatic report generation and distribution (web-based, mail-alerts, .pdf generation, etc.).



Big data collection
Machine learning prediction models
State-of-the-art data encryption
Objective performance reports
No blockchain


Areas of Application Wind | Oil & Gas
Capabilities Video recording, daily reporting (pdf/e-mail/web-interface), display on board and engine monitoring.
Collaboration OWA Sea trials support | Measurements and analysis
Impact Maximize yield by providing strategy.
Implementation time Few hours to install the blackbox.
People tracking Only with support from 3rd party.
Reporting Delayed due to limited connectivity at sea.
Wave data If supplied by client.

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About BMO Offshore

BMO measures, processes and analyses ships movement and position information. BMO provides you with a strategy, on when and under which conditions to perform maintenance. It can help to maximize your yield with smarter logistics.

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