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Powerful Engineering Data Validation Software

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August 4 2023

asset55 Validate is a software platform that creates real-time line of sight of asset maturity. It identifies data inconsistencies before they impact asset performance, supporting mitigation on capital project execution and ensuring operational requirements for life of field.

asset55 Validate provides:

• Compliance to tag naming specifications and company taxonomy
• Consistency of tags and attribution across source records
• Completeness of attribution based on tag type rules
• Confidence in asset data foundation

Major capital projects produce significant volumes of data. Lack of integrated engineering suites leads to manual processes which significantly increase the likelihood of data quality issues.

Poor data quality creates engineering inefficiencies, impacts digital processes and data driven planning and is often not identified until it is too late, resulting in schedule delays and cost impacts and operational inefficiencies. Common examples include:

  • Missing Tags
  • Tag Name Inconsistencies
  • Incomplete / Inconsistent Attribution
  • Inconsistent Revision Control
  • 3D Model Naming

Driven by Engineering Systems

asset55 Validate is agnostic to design tools and is populated via Microsoft Excel upload templates. Engineering systems provide the primary source records for validation.

These include SPID, SPEL, SPI, 3D model, line lists, valve registers, cable schedules, and equipment lists, etc.

Relationships are created at a tag level across source records, which provides the foundational elements for analysis.

Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting is available through custom dashboards created specifically for the needs of the project directly from within asset55 Validate.

Once established, these automatically update providing real-time insights for effective decision making – enabling collaboration by connecting site and home office teams.

Dashboards enable management style summaries as well as detailed interrogation of data quality findings, by error type, tag type, data source and responsible engineer.

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Engineering Data Validation
Real-Time Insights
Integrated Visual Reporting
Proven Technology
Identifies Inconsistencies in Data
Traceability & Control of Data
Agnostic Software
Tag Centric Capabilities
Powerful Interface with existing software


Data Validation Engineering Data Validation Software
Agnostic Software Design Tools Aligned
Revision Control Traceability & Control of Data
Tag Centric Company Taxonomy ID's
Triangulation Process 3 data sources to compare data for validation

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Established in 2012, asset55 has grown organically to become a leading and trusted provider of SaaS technology to the wider energy market whilst maintaining clear objectives to support our customers on critical operations to ensure we go above and beyond expectations on delivery and execution of our services.

At our core, we are a software engineering technology company. We bring  together highly experienced industry engineers combined with leading software developers to drive real and positive change within the energy sector.

Aligned across two divisions, Operations & Projects, we enable change through a portfolio of execution specific software, which share two common traits – Improving safety and improving productivity to our clients.

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