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Software for automated power line analysis

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April 11 2024

uBird is a software platform created by industry experts for electricity network operators around the world. Having experience with the manual process behind the analysis of aerial data, Hepta team included all the necessary tools into the platform, simplifying the process. uBird allows all the registered users to upload the data, annotate the defects and automatically receive them in the actionable reports, that can be shared with various teams in your company. Automatic defect detection improves the quality and efficiency of the inspection work.

Pros & Limitations
Easy to use and intuitive
3D visualisation
Automatic defect detection
Opportunity to delegate analysis to Hepta Grid Analysts
All data types available for upload: RGB, LiDAR, Thermal, corona
Integration with SAP, NIS & others
Actionable reports in PDF, excel and csv formats
Browser-based only
No on-premise option
Specification Title Specification Description
Access the platform online from any browser
Time saving
Drone inspection is faster than on-foot, and allows to cover more area and angle, than a human-eye can for the same time.
Find more defects on the grid, having a high-quality aerial overview
Select roles for users, add custom defect types, name lines yourself.
uBird is currently available in 3 languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. More languages will be added
Easy to use
Software is very intuitive, no prior knowledge is needed to operate it
Cost reduction
By detecting the defects prior to the failure, it is possible to save costs on repairs. Flying drones is also cheaper, more affordable, takes less times to inspect the grid than than on-feet


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Hepta Group carries out aerial inspection and surveying using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Manned Aerial Vehicles (MAVs). Mostly focused on energy sector and utility networks (overhead lines, substations, pipe lines etc). We also provide technical design in the field of Power Engineering and Roads. Our clients are utility companies in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and around the globe. The team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in power engineering, overhead line experts, GIS experts, remote sensing, unmanned aircraft operations, software development. We are a young and dynamic team passionate about changing the Energy Sector. The transition towards an Energy Sector requires intelligent solutions to ensure efficient and reliable transport of energy from the point of production to the consumer. A multi-disciplinary approach is called for. Our goal is to offer full package of services to cover all development and implementation stages to make clients' dreams real with reasonable price for the client.

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