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The Swiss Army Energy Tool of the Oceans

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April 11 2024

Thanks of its dual operational mode (Generation and Storage) and the cooperation it creates with other offshore energy producers, several revenue streams are envisaged and a high profitability.

Outstanding performance in Generation mode thanks to our patented Weight Changing Mechanism and also in Storage mode thanks to the use of the tidal range to enhance delivery output.

Working 24/7, bringing flexibility to the National Grid with outstanding credentials in terms of survivability, safety and operability.

We are looking for £2M over 1-2 years to complete the national phase of our PCT pending patent and to prove and commercialise our DCT internationally.

Feel free to drop us an email to [email protected] for more details.

Pros & Limitations
Multiple business streams
Repurposing, if applicable, Jacket, Platform, Well and Pipeline in O&G
Considerable reduction on CAPEX and OPEX
Reliability in terms of survivability and production rate.
Flexible behavior, contributing to net zero targets in a cost effective way.
Negligible visual impact on the seascape, facilitating planning consent.
Gratings between the ocean and some mobile parts of the ES-Wave minimise the possibility of marine life being crushed by the structure.
The design has been carefully optimised to minimise the inherent risk of spillage and the possible effects of it.
Positive impact on the fauna by creating an island in the middle of the ocean to rest or breed.
Portable for survivability and maintenance.
The ES-Wave structure is meant to be towed (not carried).
3 Weight Changing Mechanisms to improve generation and storage performance.
Pumped hydro application in the middle of the ocean using the tidal range to improve efficiency.
At early stage of development
Specification Title Specification Description
Dual functionality
Generation and Storage mode
Working 24/7
With assistance of buoys and satellites
Business stream for Re-purposing O&G assets
jacket, platform, pipeline and/or well with manufacturing, deferring and technological costs associated
Business stream for being used either as a generator or a storage facility
To reduce peaks associated with excess or lack or energy production
Business stream for assisting other generators offshore
The TWEFDA Association can store energy from other farms of generators offshore maximising their profit
Business stream for green hydrogen production
The excess of energy in the TWEFDA Hub can be used to create hydrogen and export it, potentially, using the existing pipelines
Business stream for Carbon Capture and Storage
The excess of energy in the TWEFDA Hub can be used to sequestrate Carbon imported, potentially, using the existing pipelines and sequestrated, potentially in the existing well
Business stream for Hydrogen Station
The strategic position of the TWEFDA Hub in the ocean and the hydrogen production can be used to provide hydrogen to the coming fleet of hydrogen vessels


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TWEFDA – Scottish company developing both, a new and revolutionary way of generating electricity from waves, and energy storage including other assets in the ocean. The storage will be delivered to the National Grid increased thanks to the tidal range. Its combined functionality it will also be able to provide a continuous production (24/7) of totally ecological energy.

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