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Vero Automated Connection Integrity

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November 19 2023

The future of well construction is here. Vero Automated Connection Integrity goes above and beyond tubular running for unquestionable success.

No matter the environment — from complex deep-water wells to conventional land operations — your connections safeguard your investment.

Rather than rely on human judgment for connection evaluation, we apply artificial intelligence to eliminate errors or oversights that can lead to safety incidents and costly remediation. The result is automated makeup technology, which takes control of the procedure with smooth precision, and autonomous evaluation software, which runs connections with error-free integrity.  

In addition to long-term integrity, Vero technologies deliver immediate value by running the optimal connections with fewer personnel and in less time than conventional operations. 



Eliminate catastrophic well failures and mitigate safety risks
Reduce total well construction costs
Protect your corporate reputation and profitability
70% Onsite personnel reduction
Case and Complete wells faster
Minimum 10% Immediate rig-time reduction
Extend life-of-well quality
Eliminates personnel from the red-zone


Chrome Tubulars Standard and Super Chrome
Well Design NPNT to HPHT
Rig Design Drill Ships, Semi-Submersible, Jack-Ups, Land Rigs
Operational Conventional and Mechanized
Installation Rig Integration and Modular Plug & Play
Pipe Range 2 3/8" to 22"
Torque Capacity 30k ft-lb to 150k ft-lb

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