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Rig Integration & Mechanization

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November 19 2023

Rig integration systems can help you to achieve safety and productivity goals once thought impossible in challenging operations. By engaging with operators and drilling contractors during or after rig building, we can recommend and install the optimal rig equipment package to improve immediate and long-term operational outcomes.

Our packages comprise three main integration levels with different levels of complexity—from a simple installation of a tong and positioning device to a complete integration of equipment with the driller’s console. These packages include modular equipment to connect to your existing rig systems in a way that least disrupts the current package and conserves valuable rig-floor space.

Basic integration: The driller controls the positioning device and the tong operator controls the tong and backup functions remotely using the HiPer control system.

Intermediate integration: The tong operator controls both the positioning device and tong remotely using the HiPer control system.

Full integration: Both the positioning device and tong are operated from the driller’s chair.


Early engagement in the rig-building phase streamlines the entire process.
Packages include full integration for new builds or retrofit rigs.
Mechanization of manual work enhances safety.
Integration with existing equipment saves on space and costs.
Modular and plug-and-play equipment fits into a variety of integrated combinations to suit your rig requirements.
Reduced Rig-up / Rig-down time.
Eliminates personnel from the rig floor, which provides the highest level of safety and reduces costs.
Increased Operational Efficiency.
Full integration may require rig software updates.


Rig Design Drill-Ship, Semi-Sub, Jack-Up, Platform
Builds New Build, Retro Fit
Drilling Packages Position Devices NOV ARN 270, NOV ARN 200, NOV ARN 166 NOV ARN5000, NOV ST 160, NOV MPT 200, NOV MPT 270
Pipe Range 2 3/8" to 24"
Torque Capacity 30k ft-lb to 100k ft-lb

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