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TRUApp Energy

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A revolution in O&G industry to dramatically reduce costs

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March 14 2023

TRUApp replaces 100's of spreadsheets and disconnected (siloed) systems used in the execution, documentation and tracking of work carried out across the entire oilfield by integrating over 300 core programs, across 29 critical departmental level functions. Providing producers with a modern alternative to cost containment typically relegated to workforce and CAPEX reductions. An innovative, yet proven technology solution, with tremendous utility and impact as producers plan for a prolonged period of low oil prices


High operational efficiency of running the business
State-of-the-art software solution
Efficient data access
Easy across-department coordination
All information viewed on demand allowing proactive decision-making
The TRUApp is not an accounting system. We compliment and sharpen your existing financial system of choice by connecting with it and providing details
Like any new technology that fundamentally changes how work is performed for the better, it will be a "different" experience than your O&G personnel is accustomed to


Areas of Application Operations & Maintenance | Wells & Drilling | HSE | Complete documentation control | Logistics | Training | Compliance
Accesibility Energy is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Across all departments it is mandatory to maintain detailed records. With TRUApp, you are able to search for this information, dramatically reducing record keeping and tracking costs.
Connectivity Streamlined communication across the entire oilfield with all tasks, processes and procedures instantly updated and available to all in one location. Ensuring everyone is automatically aware without countless meetings, emails and calls.
Cloud platform Web based application accessible via a browser, on a pc and tablet. Able to be hosted in TRUApp's state of the art data center, or on-prem. Regardless of hosting preference, clients own and control their own data.
Implementation time Upon implementation, personnel will be trained to use a single, intuitive and fully integrated system to plan, create, approve, execute, close, and report upon work carried out across the entire oilfield.
Workability Our clients adopt this approach readily, but it does require a willingness to do things in a new way that eliminates the costly (and unsafe) duplication of efforts associated with manual data entry.

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About TRUApp

TRUApp has adopted a functionally integrated approach to oilfield technology. Over the last 8 years, across 350,000 man hours (and counting), we've learned, digitized and centralized the tactical workflows across all oilfield operations within a single system. Equipping E&P's with greater efficiency and safety, while operating their oilfields with a leaner cost structure that produces measurable results that flow directly to the bottom line.

+1 888-787-8277
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