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Locates and quantifies flow within the entire well system.

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August 4 2023

Well systems need to connect the right fluids to the right places. But that doesn’t always happen. Knowing what’s gone wrong means looking both inside and beyond the wellbore to see the actual flow picture. Total Flow locates and quantifies wellbore flow and critically reservoir flow, revealing the relationship between the two.

Delivered by our True Flow system using the Chorus (acoustic) platform and the Cascade (thermal) platform; Total Flow provides the clarity and insight needed to manage well system performance more effectively. Total Flow is commonly used to diagnose unexpected or undesirable well system behaviour, but it can also be used proactively to ensure the well system is working properly.


Understand the true sources of production and quantify flow profiles accurately
Know where injection fluids are going and quantify flow profiles accurately
Know source of gas breakthrough or unwanted production due to cross flow and thief zones
Better well and reservoir management decisions
Identify field development opportunities and extend productive life of assets
Requires stationary stops to provide accurate passive acoustic information as opposed to a continuous log due to the sensitivity of the Hydrophone


Programmes & Methods Analysts customise diagnostic programmes, using an acoustic model of the well system housed in our digital workspace - Maxim, to create a method to active the well system to expose targeted fluid dynamics.
Tools and Measurements Unique sensor design provides a high level of threshold sensitivity and dynamic range.
Processing and Modelling Model Oriented processing of downhole data from multiple sensors allows you to determine the position and classify the signal source.
Analysis and Interpretation Single immersive platform enables efficient workflow execution from planning to product generation.
Products Our products offer critical well diagnostics to address the full spectrum of well system flow and integrity challenges.

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TGT is the global leader in through-barrier diagnostics for energy production and storage. We create products and technology that diagnose low and integrity throughout the well system, from the wellbore to the reservoir, empowering our customers to make better decisions, improve asset performance and keep their wells safe, clean, and productive.

Our diagnostics also enable our customers to decarbonise operations, by revealing inefficiencies in energy-intensive operations and locating sources of greenhouse gas. Equipped with the right information, they can take evasive action to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Two decades of applied research and an enduring commitment to geoscience and technology innovation has enabled us to develop powerful diagnostic systems that see more – accurately and completely – giving our customers the truest picture of their wells and what’s happening in and around them, enabling them to transform their productivity.

Headquartered in the UAE, we employ more than 300 experts from more than 27 nationalities in 14 global locations.

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