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Total Oil Recovery Technique

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February 22 2024

TORT offers non-invasive recovery of attic oils and similar for cleaning and decommissioning operations.The system uses a lightweight fluid for oil displacement. This fluid can be pumped directly from reservoir tanks or batched between Aubin EVO-Pigs to deliver the fluid in an efficient manner reducing overall total volumes used during de-oiling/de-cruding.

As an immiscible fluid, TORT does not mix with the recovered oils allowing for easy separation and recovery/processing.

TORT has been deployed by a Global Operator and Global Service Company, operating in the North Sea.

Pros & Limitations
Does not require mechanical intervention
Based on established, proven technologies
High efficiency recovery of trapped oil
Limited application
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Recovery of attic oils without invasive operations.
The lightweight fluid will displace oils of a higher specifc gravity from challenging geometries.
Certifications / licences
OCNS approved for North Sea use.
TORT does not pose any significant compatibility issues within traditional pipelines. Aubin can also provide technical and material support in further oil cleaning capability.
Pipe diameter
The delivery system, utilising Aubin EVO-Pig, has been deployed in pipes from 2” to 30”.
Safe operating
With years of succesful deployment history in the delivery system, the robust TORT can be easily, and efficiently deployed by new teams with Aubin support.
The materials are not hazardous and pose low risk to personnel in their use.
Technical Support
Aubin has a dedicated product development team and R&D lab facilities at our Ellon site to fully support chemical and technical questions/operation development.


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Aubin Group is globally recognised as a leading developer and supplier of chemical solutions to the oil and gas industry with manufacturing, stocking and office locations in the UK and various regions in the Middle East. The company commits resources to developing effective and reliable products and delivering these promptly to clients around the world. Using chemistry in a number of ways, Aubin develops innovative and proprietary materials technology to solve industry problems.

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