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Renewable, Cost-effective, Carbon negative

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April 11 2024

Torrefaction is a heating process of biomass in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, necessary to improve raw biomass materials. Torrefied biomass properties include a lower moisture percentage, a higher energy density and heating value. Torrefied material is easier to grind and to pelletize. These properties all translate into a sustainable and economic higher value.

During this torrefaction process, combustible emission gasses are released. The Yilkins torrefaction technology brings these combustible emission gasses back into the main process to provide the required process heat, making Yilkins torrefaction a very economic technology.

Projects/partnerships  highlights

Thyssen Krupp selected the Yilkins torrefaction technology for the preparation of various biomass for their entrained flow gasification technology to turn biomass into high-quality syngas for production of SAF, renewable diesel, green hydrogen, chemicals, renewable electricity etc.

A major beer brewer has selected Yilkins drying technology turning spent-grains into local energy production. A pilot project is underway that may lead to implementation at 30 plants around the world.

Yilkins is developing a torrefaction plant for one of the largest Refinery and Petrochemical conglomerates in India

Developing a facility for a large, international biomass industry partner in North America.

Yilkins torrefaction technology has been selected by a Japanese company

Pros & Limitations
Proprietary and proven technology
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
High efficiency / low energy usage
Uniform product quality
Feedstock flexible
Safe and flexible design in low oxygen environment, no risk of fires
Low energy usage results in a low carbon index
Very low air emissions by using a condensation step
No commercial scale operating plant
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Energy Power Plants | Pellet Suppliers | Chemicals and Materials | Manufacturing Industry
Torrefaction ‘plug-in’ approach
Can be installed with a minimal impact in existing plant and results in minor challenges for the material and energy balance
Reducing Costs & Emissions
Save at least 15-20% in transportation and storage costs
Increased Efficiency
Increase boiler efficiency by 10%
Coal Substitute
Torrefied pellets can replace coal up to 100%, using the same milling equipment


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Yilkins is a renewable technology company, enabling its customers in the upgrading of biomass residues into high value products for electricity, heat, renewable fuels, green hydrogen and chemical applications. Yilkins proprietary and proven technology offers complete solutions for replacement of fossil resources, yields high energy efficiency, lowest Total Cost of Ownership and a carbon negative footprint thus contributing to the realization of a net zero economy.

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