Tools for Weld Preparation, -Cleaning and -Finishing

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From cutting to chamfering edges, to weld cleaning and final finishing

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February 22 2024

All the tools needed for chamfering edges, milling edges, pre-cleaning, cleaning of root, fill and cap layers and final finishing for different welding methods and materials: technical brushes, cutting- and grinding discs, carbide burrs, cleaning fleeces, polishing flap wheels, flap discs.

Our welding matrix enables you to find the right tool for your application considering your welding method and welded material.

Pros & Limitations
High quality, professional tools
Long service life
European manufacturing sites
oSa certified manufacturing processes
Servicing around the globe
Expert in tools for mechnical surface treatment for over 135 years
Offering parts- and sample processing and application counselling
Not "cheap" prices, but reasonable - especially when you are looking for professional tools
Specification Title Specification Description
Technical Brushes
non-stock removing (removing impurities, but leaving the weld untouched), generating 95% less sparks than grinding tools, quieter, longer service life
Carbide Burrs
With special Z6 tooth-pattern for high material removal, variety of head shapes available. Special SHIPYARD tooth-pattern available: increases material removal up to 30 %.
Cleaning Fleeces
Ideal for metal surface preparation. Will remove contamination without risk of surface damage. Particularly recommended for surface finishing.
Polishing Flap Wheels
Deliver outstanding results on weld seam preparation, finishing and spatter removal. Can easily remove oxide contamination and tarnish after welding.
Flap Discs
Used in weld seam preparation for descaling, deburring, chamfering or V-seam preparation, can also be used to smooth and flatten the weld. Surface contamination caused by weld spatter or slag can be removed quickly.
Grinding Wheels
Designed for quick material removal resulting in a coarse grinding pattern. Can completely remove the weld seem if required.


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Osborn is the world's leading supplier of tools and application solutions for surface treatment and finishing. The portfolio ranges from technical brushes, roller brushes, polishing tools, matching liquid and solid polishing pastes to cutting, grinding and roughing wheels and diamond tools.

Many of these products are being used in the oil- and gas industry, on- and offshore, in pipe manufacturing and -coating as well as on pipeline construction sites.
As a reliable partner, Osborn finds solutions that help its customers to be more successful and to master challenges such as the production of burr-free components, the manufacture of perfect weld seams or high-gloss surfaces while increasing productivity and efficiency.

1,250 employees in 13 manufacturing facilities around the globe are committed to excellence and Osborn's guiding principle of helping its partners, "Finish. First." Visit us online at to learn how we can support you.

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