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Keep things moving with mobile purchase orders and approvals

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August 4 2023

The TOKN Purchase Order App & Purchase Order Approval App take the job of raising purchase orders out of the office and puts it into the hands of your workers on site. With full integration with MYOB, its easy to search for existing purchase orders, expedite the purchase order approval process and keep your workforce moving.


Raise, approve and receipt purchase orders on your mobile phone
Attach images and files easily
Easily check detailed Pricing and Availability
Capture mobile signatures
Simple integration with SAP IFS, MYOB & Xero
Easy search of existing purchase orders
Reduce back office manual data entry and duplication errors
In remote areas, database syncing may be limited until a connection is re-established.


Accuracy Remove duplication and errors in paperwork with quick, simple purchase order raising for a mobile phone.
Compliance Data logs keep track of all purchasing interactions, ensuring all of your information is easily at hand and reportable for your accounts department.
Automation Automate the approval process of purchasing with automatic notifications sent to approvers when a PO is raised, expiditing the purchasing process.
Usability Simple, easy and intuitive, ensuring the purchasing process is as straight forward as possible.
Cloud Platform TOKN's enterprise mobility platform is cleverly cloud based with easy and fast integration ensuring your data is always available when you need it.

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As the next generation cloud enterprise mobility platform, TOKN is the most efficient way to get powerful mobile apps, connecting your data, across all devices. TOKN’s quick & easy app templates allow you to remove your paper documents, eliminating unnecessary workload in your back-office with secure management of your mobile ecosystem.

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