TOFD, PAUT & C-scan at high temperature

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The solution for your corrosion mapping and weld inspections while your plant is in operation!

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October 31 2023

Execution of your wall thickness and weld inspections at high temperature up to 485 °C (905 °F), while your plant is in operation! Inspections will be accurately executed with the high temperature UT & TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) and high temperature PA (Phased Array) technology. Our high temperature inspections do improve your cost and production performance significantly. 


Opportunity to revise your maintenance and inspection strategy, based on on-line non-intrusive inspections
High detection and accurate sizing capability
Also available for partially filled welds at pre-heat temperature ("Golden welds")
Mobile flexible teams
Standardised and readily available up to 350 °C (662 °F). For high temperatures up to 485 °C (905 °F) and non-standard configurations testing is needed on a sample
Safe operation meeting the highest safety standard
Non-standard configurations to be tested on a sample before deployment


Areas of Application (Pressure) Equipment and piping operating at elevated temperature in refineries | Chemical plants and power generation plants
Temperature Weld & Corrosion mapping at high temperature up to 485 °C (905 °F)
Repeatability Accurate repeatability of inspection
Implementation time Short implementation time, standardised inspections, ready for immediate deployment!
Non man entry Non-intrusive inspection (NII) of your assets
Speed Fast inspection
Safety Execution against the highest safety factors

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SonoInspec has over twenty years of experience in advanced non-destructive testing (ANDT). SonoInspec specialised in high temperature weld and corrosion mapping inspections. Up to 350 °C (662F) the weld and corrosion mapping inspections services are readily available for full continuous scanning. Inspections up to 485 °C (905F) are available as bespoke inspections.

The high temperature inspections are an important part of our Plant Availability concept in which we provide our clients with an inspection plan based on a non-intrusive inspection approach while the plant is still in production.

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