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40% energy saving for marine and offshore applications

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August 4 2023

TMC Smart Air® compressors are a range of marine and offshore compressors offering considerable energy saving through peak shaving and optimized running based on air consumption.

TMC Smart Air® compressors are equipped with a variable frequency drive, enabling precise adjustment of the compressed air production according to air consumption. This gives up to 20 – 40 % energy saving depending on the air consumption pattern, and therefore lower the generator fuel consumption and significantly reducing GHG emissions.


Up to 40 % energy saving
Reduces harmful emissions
Reduces wear and tear
Reduces maintenance cost
Reduces load on generators
Higher investment cost


Areas of Application Well suited for any application where the air consumption varies over time.
Certifications Available with certificate form all major class societies.
Capabilities Capable of handling the harsh environment found aboard the ship.
Environment Greatly reduces the environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption.
Return on Investment Depending on average consumption of air, typical payback time is 6-12 months.
Maintenance Reduces wear and tear of parts and components resulting in longer lifetime and less maintenance.
Weight From 450 kg
Capacity From 34 m³/h to 4002 m³/h

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TMC Compressors is the world's leading supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use.

TMC's biggest competitive advantage is a compressed air system that is 100% tailored for marine and offshore use, from the design stage through to manufacturing – because this is the best solution for our customers, the environment and the lifetime cost of the equipment.

Our product line include a range of high-performance compressor systems that provide unsurpassed efficiency and reliability for the global marine and offshore industry.

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