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Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Optimize your fuel consumption by using the right tyre pressure

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Friday, July 16, 2021 - 14:11

TPMS offered by TVS Sensing Solutions is designed for 2 wheeler tire pressure monitoring and is a compact rim mount design powered by a battery, connected to smartphone (TVSSS TPMS application). The Tyre pressure and temperature data of both front and rear wheels get logged in real-time via BLE communication. The device enhances the safety of the rider and keeps the rider updated, on inflation pressure. Sensor communication frequency is optimized, based on vehicle usage to enhance battery life.

The Mobile Application highlights the pressure and temperature data when the smartphone is in the vicinity of the sensor and gives an audio alert in case of tyre pressure threshold being breached.


Ensure safe and smooth ride with real time monitoring of pressure at your finger tips
Integrated battery powered sensor with Bluetooth communication (BLE 2.4GHz) Standalone sensor, independent of tyre, rim and valve damage/replacement
Enable effective monitoring of tire pressure for safer ride
Audio-visual alert to the user at critical psi level via mobile app
As many as 15 tires can be connected & monitored with one mobile application (well suited for fleet applications)
Easy installation, Robust design, suitable for tubeless tyres
Optimzed sensor performance to enhance battery life. Product comes with 3 years warranty
Design is based on BLE communication and can support shorter range (smart phone needs to be within 3.5m)
Data communication requires a smart phone with a TVSSS TPMS mobile app


Compatibility Single app to monitor multiple vehicles, Android & iOS compatibility with regular updates
Accuracy Pressure +/- 1 psi.
Pressure Range from 0 to 130 psi.
Temperature Range from -20 to 85 °C.
Weight Weight of the product 33g (Strap + Sensor).

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