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Thermoelectic Generator (TEG) PV Hybrid System

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The Most Reliable Offshore Transitional Energy Solution Available

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Friday, November 5, 2021 - 12:30

Reducing environmental footprint is at the forefront of today’s energy transition as we drive towards achieving carbon neutrality. Selecting a power system that can reduce its impact on the environment without sacrificing reliability, safety, and production uptime is paramount.

There are several factors that lead to remote power requirements for an offshore platform. Perhaps the most evident is the distance from shore and the adverse weather conditions that can occur. These factors make site access challenging, time-consuming and costly. For these reasons, critical equipment is selected to safely monitor and control on-platform processes, and for this equipment to work, it requires a reliable source of power.

Traditional offshore solar power systems do offer 100% renewable energy and zero carbon emissions; however, these systems face operational challenges and are limited to specific installation locations on the platform which can affect system availability. Alternatively, gas and or diesel gensets can generate significantly more power in a much smaller space when compared to solar but produce high carbon emissions and have a much shorter design and service life resulting in higher operational costs. TEG/PV Hybrid systems offer an optimum balance of power availably with minimal footprint while producing significantly fewer carbon emissions.


Low emissions/Carbon Footprint
Low System Footprint and Weight
Low Maintenance
High Reliability and Availability
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Low Fuel Consumption
Easy Operation
Does require a fuel source (natural gas LPG)


Power Specifications Up to 5 kW of power generation
Voltage Specifcations Standard 12, 24, 48 VDC (AC voltage available upon request )
Environmental Operation Max +50 Celsius / Min -40 Celsius
TEG/Hybrid Specification Hybrid Remote Power System consists of: • TEG Power System • Solar Power System • Battery Power System • Power Distribution System
Certifications ATEX/IEC Ex Zone 1/2 * Class 1 Div 2/Div 1 Group D, T3 * General Purpose/Non Hazardous options available
Fuel Options Propane/LPG or Natural Gas (directly from well)
Functionality The TEG PV Hybrid design concept allows for both TEG and solar to provide a continuous power supply during the day while simultaneously maintaining the battery in a float charge mode.
Emissions TEGs burn natural gas at a very high destruction efficiency (99%+), so emissions are very low and consist primarily of water and CO2. Running continuously, a thermoelectric generator will emit approximately 5.7 metric tons of CO2 per year.
System Design Configuration Flexible power sharing options between TEG and Solar for loads (70% TEG/30% Solar), (60% TEG/40% Solar), (50% TEG/50% Solar), (40% TEG/60% Solar), (30% TEG/60% Solar)
Fuel Usage Hybrid - fuel consumption is drastically reduced due to the availability of PV during the day and battery autonomy in the evening. The TEGs only come as needed to support battery charging and the load during lower solar irradiance conditions
Battery Size The most common autonomy size is 2-3 days since the TEGs are available in all weather conditions to support the system. Compared to a 100% solar system with an equivalent reliability factor at least 7 days autonomy is needed.
System Availability 99.5% in all weather conditions

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