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Robotic extensions of human operators to perform complex tasks remotely

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:49

Telerobotics is concerned with remote controlled robots which can be applied in situations where human skills are required in a location that is either difficult to access or hazardous, e.g. confined spaces or underwater. In these situations, a telerobotics system can serve as an extension of a human operator to enable him/her to perform the complex task remotely. In our approach, we provide the human operator with full perceptual and manipulation capabilities to perceive and act as if being present at the remote site.


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About i-Botics

i-Botics is an open innovation centre for Research and Development in Interaction Robotics. The independent research centre has been founded by TNO and University of Twente and aims at developing knowledge and technology for value adding Robotic solutions. Knowledge is aggregated from various domains and researchers from our partners work together with us in the open innovation centre i-Botics.

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