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Unrivalled repair and structural re-enforcement solution

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October 31 2023

Internationally recognised and accredited, Technowrap™ provides exceptional strength. With our adaptable range of products we deliver a long-term alternative to steel replacement. Technowrap™ is a light weight, non-corrosive system and resins can be applied to live systems with no impact on production. This technology provides life-long repairs that can be applied to internal, external and through-wall defects on complex geometries. Technowrap™ is proven in challenging environments, in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.


Internationally recoginised and accredited
No hot work and avoids the need for shutdown in many cases
Long-term alternative to steel replacement
We deliver bespoke, fully engineered composite repair solutions
Highly trained technicians ensure safe, fast, quality repairs
Temperature limitation of greater than 250 C


Cost Cost effective solution.
Flexibility Can be applied to a range of surfaces, at a range of temperatures and complex geometries.
Lifespan Upto 20 year design life.
Maintenance Long lasting alternative to steel replacement.
Material Technowrap is an adaptable range of composites that deliver a long-term alternative to steel replacement.
Repeatability Global track record, internationally recognised and fully accredited technology.
Response time Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers are able to respond quickly and get a solution onsite as soon as possible.
Safety No hot work or welding habitat required.
Technical support Ongoing support in engineering, project management, delivery, inspection and maintenance.

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ICR Integrity Ltd (ICR) is a global provider of specialist repair, inspection and integrity solutions primarily for the oil and gas, power, defence, nuclear, utilities and renewables industries.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, ICR operates in global locations with operational bases in the UK, Norway, Abu Dhabi, USA and Australia as well as partners in over 25 countries worldwide.

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