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Tank Mat Power-teK RL 220

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Full insulation power with less layers on tanks

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Monday, January 3, 2022 - 16:23

Power-teK RL 220 are lightweight Mineral Wool slabs (delivered in rolls) featuring ECOSE® Technology. With thicknesses achieving up to 300 mm per layer, Power-teK RL 220 delivers a cost-effective solution using a minimized number of layers. They are used for insulation of heat storage tanks, hot water tanks, and other vessels with limited demand for service temperatures while requiring strong thermal performance throughout thicker layers of insulation. This kind of insulation is usually used outdoors underneath additional claddings (weather protection).


Reduction in number of installed insulation layers
Reduction of working time by up to 50%
Reduced transportation costs due to logistical optimization
Light and user-friendly thermal insulation solution
ECOSE® Technology with a no added formaldehyde binder
Maximum service temperature of 220° C


Cost Proper insulation reduced the costs of lost energy
Installation Light weight material makes the insulation more comfortable
Material ECOSE-Technology in binder contributes to lower carbon footprint
Certifications / licenses Eurofins Gold Indoor Air quality certified.
Speed Due to reduced insulation layers installation time can be reduced by 50%.

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About Knauf Insulation

As the specialist for technical insulation in the Knauf Group, we produce energetically and structurally optimised insulation materials and systems. With our Mineral Wool range, we ensure optimum sustainable insulation in industry, HVAC, and shipbuilding. With our production facilities throughout Europe, we guarantee reliable and customer-orientated deliveries.

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